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A few words from our new City Councilmember – Putting neighborhoods first

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By Councilman Mike Bonin, contributing columnist to The Hometown News:

Opinion: I grew up in a small town. A town where kids played in the local park. Where families gathered together to watch the Fourth of July parade. Where parents volunteered at the local school or coached youth sports teams. It was a place where neighbors mattered, and where neighborhoods came first.

Putting neighborhoods first is what I intend to do as your new councilperson. I took office July 1, and while my job is to govern Los Angeles, my goal is to give voice and priority to our neighborhoods.

Los Angeles is a huge and wonderful metropolis, blessed by natural beauty, great weather, and a diverse, creative population. But our greatest strength is our neighborhoods. Whether it is Kentwood in Westchester, the Jungle in Playa del Rey, or Fountain Park in Playa Vista, the concerns and needs of our neighborhoods must come first at City Hall.

“Putting neighborhoods first” is more than just a slogan– it is….

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