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Meet Your 90045 Guide & Moderator

TTC G+smaller 2My name is Tracy and I’m your 90045 guide and moderator. Who am I? In no particular order, I’m a mom, wife, 14+ year 90045 resident, social media geek, humanistic education activist, runner, realtor, non-practicing attorney and so and so many more things that I don’t even pay attention to.

As the primary moderator at Living90045, I do my best to share mostly the 90045 scoop, but my point of view, like everybody’s, is unique. Occasionally I won’t be able to resist sharing information or news about the topics that make me “me,” even when they fall a little outside our 90045 boundaries.

If you share my passions, you’ll find those articles under the Tracy Trending category on the Living90045 blog. You can also catch a little more “tracy” on my personal blog, including a couple of my favorite posts:

I don’t pretend to know everything or to even be interested in everything going on in 90045. For topics you don’t see covered here, we invite submissions from others. Want to strut your 90045 stuff? We offer SEO-optimized posts and pages, as well as paid facebook ads for all submissions we accept. This is a great way to get your name out there or get exposure for your business or a special project. Contact us to talk!

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About Tracy Thrower Conyers

Tracy Thrower Conyers is a long-time resident of Westchester 90045. Tracy closely follows local politics, political players and social chatter relevant to Westchester. As a mom with a school-aged child, Tracy is keenly aware of the importance of the educational choices we make for our kids, and spends a lot of time following local schools. She’s active in California’s charter school movement, and pays extra attention to special needs education choices and resources. Tracy is also super active with the Kentwood Home Guardians, a planned development homeowners association covering approximately 3400 Westchester families.Connect online with Tracy: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest.

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