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Can you say “bloated?” Westchester-Playa NC has 3x as many members as nearby communities

A conversation that began in May about what some members of the Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa call “special interest seats” and what to do with them has accelerated in recent weeks due to a new dynamic that has come into play.

Neighborhood council Vice President Mark Redick broached the subject May 16 of eliminating certain board positions that some on the council and some of their constituents believe exist for the sole purpose of catering to a specific entity or organization.

“To some people, (having special interest seats) looks exclusionary, not inclusionary,” he said.

Redick and board member Craig Eggers had anticipated having discussions about what to do with these seats prior to the 2014 neighborhood council elections, which were set to occur next summer. Those elections have now been moved to the spring, shortening the time period to decide whether or not the special interest seats should remain in place before the elections, Redick says.

“This now increases the sense of urgency,” Redick said.

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What do you think? Do we need a whopping 31 members to adequately represent W/PdR’s interests? Service club and youth organization seats? Seriously? How about restricting seats to taxpayers? What are your thoughts?

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