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Meet Nick Tonight!

Have you met Nick? Nick Melvoin is a teacher attorney, organizer and advocate – and he’s running for a position on our school board because he cares about kids. Learn more about Nick’s impressive background here and why we need him replacing Steve Zimmer as our representative on our school board. If you agree with […]

Zoning Changes Coming To A Neighborhood Near You – As In Yours

Westchester Zoning Changes Are Headed To A City Council Vote Just this week, the Planning Commission’s final proposed amendments to the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO) were referred to the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee for review. The next step is a full Council vote to adopt the recommended restrictions. In a nutshell, the BMO […]

Big Conversations In 90045 This Week

90045 – Here’s What’s Trending In The Hood As I mentioned last week, this column is a weekly roundup of the online chatter about 90045 that catches my eye. I tend to hang out mostly on NextDoor and the Moms’ Facebook Group, although I do loosely follow other platforms. After each blurb below, I reference […]

Anti-Mansionization Proponents Score Big Win But Are We Losing Sight Of The “Bigger” Picture?

Many of the proposed changes were welcomed by local residents worried about mansionization: The new rules would no longer allow a 20% bonus in square footage for using ecologically friendly building methods. They would also reduce the square footage that would generally be allowed for homes in residential areas, changing it from 50% to 45% […]

LAX Northside Plan Wins Approval

Much needed open space & recreation facilities or placeholder for future expansion? Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Councilmember Mike Bonin, airport officials, and community representatives on June 14, celebrated City Council approval of the LAX Northside Plan Update, a comprehensive planning blueprint for 340 acres of vacant property located between Los Angeles International Airport […]

Eight vie for open Westside state Assembly seat

Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D- Gardena), whose 62nd Assembly District includes the Marina, Venice, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey and Westchester, terms out of office later this year and will seek a state Senate seat. Eight new faces vie for his seat. Westchester real estate broker Ted Grose is the lone Republican in the race. For […]

Council tables Legado Del Mar decision – developer concessions not enough to reverse tide of neighborhood opposition

Just two weeks after getting the apparent blessing of a Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa subcommittee, the proposed Legado Del Mar development at 138 Culver Blvd. hit another roadblock on Dec. 3. Failing to reach consensus about the adequacy of concessions offered by real estate firm Legado Co., the council punted the question of whether to support or […]

Want to keep up with LMU?

If you want to follow LMU and get notifications about events and other issues impacting the neighborhoods around LMU, you can keep reading or you can go right to the source. To sign up for LMU’s community newsletter, use this link. And you can still keep reading 😉

Promenade Repositioning To Entertainment Venue – Will This Help or Exacerbate Recent Problems?

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, a prominent mall next to the 405 Freeway, will replace stores with restaurants, arcades and other venues that favor recreation over commerce, its owners said. The mall already has a luxury theater complex. The economic downturn took a toll on the center, however, forcing the closure of a Borders […]

Fire Department Offers Online Survey in Support of Bonin’s Tech Upgrade Motion

An online survey has been created by the Los Angeles Fire Department in support of a public safety motion by City Councilman Mike Bonin to equip firefighters with tablet computers. Bonin, 46, introduced the FIRST-IN Master Plan motion to the City Council in early July in an attempt to tap into local technological resources to […]

90045 Community Clean-Up With Councilman Mike Bonin SUNDAY

Mike Bonin, our City Councilman, is hosting a Westchester community clean-up event Sunday from 10 am to noon. Meet Mike on the lawn of the DWP building at 7867 La Tijera Boulevard. To RSVP or get more information, contact Fred Sutton at 310.575.8461 or fred.sutton @ See you on Sunday?

2 Year Project To Increase Electrical Capacity – Expect Construction Delays

From our Neighborhood Council website: Construction has begun on a new 230-kV underground transmission cable designed to improve power reliability in the communities of Playa del Rey, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, and West Los Angeles. Phase I of the project is expected to progress from Grand Avenue to the intersection of Grand and Vista Del […]

Mayor Garcetti Wants To Hear About Our Potholes, 90045

From our Neighborhood Council website:  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) recently launched the Bureau’s Neighborhood Council Initiative, also known as “Operation Neighborhood Blitz,” empowering local communities to survey their streets and prioritize the small asphalt repairs (SAR) that make a big difference in the quality of life. The […]

Can you say “bloated?” Westchester-Playa NC has 3x as many members as nearby communities

A conversation that began in May about what some members of the Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa call “special interest seats” and what to do with them has accelerated in recent weeks due to a new dynamic that has come into play. Neighborhood council Vice President Mark Redick broached the subject May 16 of eliminating certain […]

Westchester Residents denounce parking survey, ask LMU to close southern entrance

  LMU met with 90045 residents to discuss creation of a preferential parking district to mitigate neighborhood angst resulting from LMU’s new hefty on-campus parking fees. In support of its support for such a district, LMU presented results of a survey it conducted showing that 63% of respondents support a one year pilot permit parking […]

Next Neighborhood Council Meeting on Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013

The LA City Charter requires the City of Los Angeles to promote organized neighborhood empowerment in the form of Neighborhood Councils. Our local council is the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP). NCWP’s next meeting is Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Community Room of the Westchester Municipal Building, located at 7166 Manchester Avenue. […]

Playa Vista: Drainage system continues to draw ire of some wetlands organizations

Attention surrounding a drainage system at Playa Vista that apparently was installed without permission from the state Coastal Commission has not dissipated since the discovery of the network was reported in June. The underground system was discovered earlier this summer and was reported to the California Coastal Commission. The installation is now under investigation by […]

Is Our Housing Recovery At Risk?

Interest rates are climbing to 4.4 percent on a 30-year fixed mortgage. Coldwell Banker Real Estate CEO Budge Huskey was interviewed yesterday on CNBC and offers insight into whether our budding housing recovery is at risk. To be in the know in under two minutes, head over to

Airport Relations Committee Meeting on Aug 22, 2013

The Airport Relations Committee is scheduled to meet next week. This informational only meeting was rescheduled from August 15th to August 22nd. According to NCWP’s website, Christopher Koontz from LAWA Planning will update the Committee on LAX projects including the Sign District Ordinance, Airside Plans & Upgrades, Intermodal Transportation Facility, West Area Maintenance Facility and the […]

Deconstructing Obama on Housing

Is the Mortgage Interest Deduction headed for the morgue? Rob Hahn – aka Notorious R.O.B. – analyzes three of President Obama’s recent interviews and speeches on the topic of housing, and comes up with some sobering  predictions. For Rob’s thoughtful analysis, head over to