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New Sunday Farmers Market In Westchester

It was a beautiful day yesterday to launch the Westchester Farmers Market and by all appearances, the new market is a huge hit. We were there yesterday and caught a few photos to lure you out next week. Westchester Farmers Market – A Tour My happiest surprise was to find J.R. Organics at the market. Hardly a Sunday […]

Anti-Mansionization Proponents Score Big Win But Are We Losing Sight Of The “Bigger” Picture?

Many of the proposed changes were welcomed by local residents worried about mansionization: The new rules would no longer allow a 20% bonus in square footage for using ecologically friendly building methods. They would also reduce the square footage that would generally be allowed for homes in residential areas, changing it from 50% to 45% […]

Westchester On Parade!

If it’s July 4th, it’s Westchester parade day! And a beautiful day it was for a parade. The sun was out and the breeze was just enough to make the flags wave. This year’s theme for the Westchester parade was “Our Little Piece of Paradise – Celebrating 75 Years of Westchester.” This year’s parade was also […]

Westchester 4th of July Parade 2016 Lineup

I’ve created this parade lineup as a handy reference to use on your phone at the parade. The data comes from The Hometown News. LAPD Pacific Division Cadets Sponsor Salute LA 1 HOG Chapter AYSO Region 7 Senator Ben Allen Lynwood High School Royal Knights Regiment The Real Estate Consultants Rainbow Acres Great Pyrenees Alliance […]

Keeping Your Car Safe From Electronic Thieves

Last week, I started keeping my car keys in the freezer, and I may be at the forefront of a new digital safety trend. Source: Keeping Your Car Safe From Electronic Thieves From Osage to Kentwood, our neighbors have been reporting that their cars are being broken into, even though there are no outward signs […]

Waze is an unwelcome guest in Westchester’s Osage Neighborhood

Why neighborhoods are hopping mad GPS is great for unfamiliar neighborhoods, estimating how long a trip will take, and finding the nearest gas station; however, it’s also wreaking havoc in otherwise quiet neighborhoods. Services like Waze and other navigation apps give users the ability to circumvent road construction, natural disasters, and detours. This sounds like […]

Old Westchester Firehouse No. 5 to Become Affordable Housing?

Our councilman has officially offered up the old Westchester Firehouse at Emerson & Manchester for affordable housing. The firehouse, which also opens to 85th Street, was shuttered when the new firehouse was built at Emerson & Westchester Pkwy. In a letter dated today, Councilman Bonin says: Los Angeles is taking action to address the City’s […]

Summer Family Concerts in Los Angeles

LA has one of the best music scenes in the country, and some of the best weather in the world. That means that in the summer you can spend warm nights under the stars experiencing an assortment of music from Latin jazz to world beat soul. With concerts that cater to kids or rock the […]

Should We Be Worried About Blackouts During This Weekend’s Heatwave?

  Air quality officials voted this week to allow DWP to skirt pollution regulations and burn diesel fuel at several Southern California power plants. Normally the plants run on natural gas, but because of the disastrous blowout at SoCal Gas’s Aliso Canyon storage facility, supply might fall short during summer, when demand for power is typically […]

Westchester’s 75th Birthday Is Here!

Westchester Celebrates 75 Years of Community! This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first foundations being poured in the little piece of paradise we call Westchester. From bean fields and farmland, Westchester has grown into a thriving neighborhood with a world-class airport, prestigious universities and a sense of community unrivaled by even the smallest […]

LAX Northside Plan Wins Approval

Much needed open space & recreation facilities or placeholder for future expansion? Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Councilmember Mike Bonin, airport officials, and community representatives on June 14, celebrated City Council approval of the LAX Northside Plan Update, a comprehensive planning blueprint for 340 acres of vacant property located between Los Angeles International Airport […]

Local School Expo

Join the LAX Coastal Chamber’s Education Committee today for its inaugural Neighborhood School Expo. With 15 schools participating, this event is designed to help inform attendees about our local education system, the types of schools available and resources for youth development. School administrators will be on hand to answer questions and share information about what makes their […]

Westchester Weekly for Sunday, October 5th

Westchester Weekly – Here’s your weekly recap of what’s new and notable in Westchester 90045, including fun things to check out this week!   westchester-weekly-for-october-5th Happy Weekend Westchester!And it’s been a hot one again, hasn’t it?? I couldn’t resist sharing the Heal the Bay photo above from Facebook.Tomorrow night, the Westchester Neighbors Association is hosting […]

Westchester Weekly for Friday, July 25

Westchester Weekly – Here’s your weekly recap of what’s new and notable in Westchester 90045, including fun things to check out this weekend!   Happy Weekend!Enjoy the links below to great information, including local restaurant reviews, things to do with the fam, Westchester’s newest real estate listings and information on this weekend’s open houses in […]

Open Houses This Sunday | Westchester CA Real Estate

Westchester CA real estate – 28 homes (↑5 from last week) are scheduled to be open on Sunday, with the bulk of the action continuing to take place in Kentwood. This is 11 more homes than two weeks ago. Inventory is definitely picking up in 90045. I saw a number of  these homes at the Tuesday Brokers’ […]

MLS Alerts for Westchester CA Real Estate

From our Facebook Page: Post by Living 90045 – Westchester Up Close & Personal. . . Westchester rocks as an affordable, family-friendly Westside community. Want to monitor the real estate market in Westchester CA? Get MLS alerts for Westchester CA real estate delivered to your email inbox. Use this page.

Westchester Weekly for Friday, July 11

  Westchester Weekly – Here’s your weekly recap of what’s new and notable in Westchester 90045, including fun things to check out this weekend! Happy Friday!It’s been quite a week in Westchester! If you missed last week’s very impressive parade, you can catch pictures here.We also had a lively discussion on the Westchester Moms Facebook page […]

Playa Provisions offers four-in-one dining concept

  From The Hometown News: Westchester husband and wife team Nick Roberts and Brooke Williamson are readying to launch their newest restaurant concept in Playa del Rey, Playa Provisions, later this month. The restaurant, which is located at the former site of Tower 42, is set to open mid-May according to Roberts and is already […]

Westchester’s 4th of July Parade – 2014

Did you hear? Westchester had a parade! I’m kidding! Who could miss the closed streets and crowds? We try to hit the parade every year. It’s a ton of good old-fashioned family fun! The weather cooperated beautifully this year and I got some great shots. I’ve posted a few below. You can find more on […]

Recent Community Safety Meeting Hosted By Mike Bonin

Did you miss the March 24th community meeting regarding safety in Westchester and the Playas? The meeting opened with a very personal story told by our City Councilman Mike Bonin about his own encounter with a home intruder. With approximately 400 people in attendance, the vast majority came from Westchester, specifically West of Sepulveda. We take […]