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Westchester Residents denounce parking survey, ask LMU to close southern entrance


no parking 2LMU met with 90045 residents to discuss creation of a preferential parking district to mitigate neighborhood angst resulting from LMU’s new hefty on-campus parking fees.

In support of its support for such a district, LMU presented results of a survey it conducted showing that 63% of respondents support a one year pilot permit parking district. As pointed out in the comments to the article, possibly only a fraction of the affected residents responded to the survey.

This is likely to be a sticky situation for Mike Bonin, the City Councilmember representing 90045, as it is the City that ultimately creates and regulates parking districts.

Parking districts are not without their problems. Residents are not guaranteed parking and permits for residents and their guests cost money and require trips dowtown to obtain.

One solution being floated by affected residents is for LMU to close its South entrance, thereby discouraging students from parking in those residential neighborhoods.

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