Mayor Garcetti Wants To Hear About Our Potholes, 90045

potholesFrom our Neighborhood Council website:

 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) recently launched the Bureau’s Neighborhood Council Initiative, also known as “Operation Neighborhood Blitz,” empowering local communities to survey their streets and prioritize the small asphalt repairs (SAR) that make a big difference in the quality of life.

The Bureau is partnering local Neighborhood Councils to act as the Bureau’s eyes and ears, or as the Bureau puts it, BSS Honorary Inspectors.  The effort will dispatch a city pothole repair truck to every neighborhood in the city twice over the next year.

“I’m working to make sure the city responds to pothole repairs in about 48 hours, but I want to do more than react to your calls,” said Mayor Garcetti.  “Government should actively go out to our neighborhoods and work with residents first hand to fix the most pressing problems.  The best way to fix problems in our neighborhoods isn’t from an office in City Hall. It’s on the ground in our neighborhoods.”

The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa has been working to gather information on potholes in our community and we need your help.  Please forward locations needing repair (pictures can be included) no later than Monday, September 9, 2013 to the attention of the NCWP Governmental Affairs Committee members Mark Redick (Chair) at or Craig Eggers at

This is the first of two (2) events. The NCWP will maintain a list of all submissions not repaired for the next event.

Click here for the Pothole Repair Request form. Hop on it, though. Requests are due tomorrow, September 9th.


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