A Hero In Our Midst

A taco stand cook has become a local hero after saving a four-year-old boy from a violent Feb. 26 kidnapping attempt in Westchester.

Jesus Delgado, 35, was enjoying a short break in the parking lot of T2 Tacos at Manchester Avenue and Loyola Boulevard when he heard a cry for help. Rushing out to the sidewalk, Delgado saw a man and woman arguing over two small boys. Then the man grabbed the smaller child and started running east along Manchester.

“I didn’t think twice about it when I saw the man take off with the kid. By instinct, I went and chased after him,” Delgado, a native Spanish speaker, said through a translator.

Delgado caught up a few hundred feet later and wrestled the boy away. High school students standing nearby called 911 and distracted the kidnapping suspect until police arrived.

This was indeed a happy ending to a horrific event. One very cool thing to come out of the story is that the Moms of Westchester & Playa del Rey started a thank you fund for our hero on GoFundMe.com to help with medical expenses for Delgado’s sick child. So far, over $26K has been raised by 724 donors. Thank you to a true hero. We’re lucky to have you.

See the full story on argonautnews.com.

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