Year To Date Sold Properties In Kentwood South of 80th

Median Price For 90045 Real Estate
Median Price For Westchester CA Real Estate

Westchester CA Real Estate – YTD Sold Listings In Kentwood

I’ve been busy touring broker open houses in Westchester and I’ve been stunned and amazed at the steep trajectory of prices.

OK, I’ve written plenty about Silicon Beach and the tech effect on area housing, so I shouldn’t be too surprised, but I am.

The chart above shows the median price for all of Westchester for the last year. Pretty impressive, yes?

I wanted to take a deeper dive into the stats. Westchester is pretty big, so I started with Kentwood, south of 80th. Here’s what I found.

Since January 1, 2014:

  • 13 listings sold
  • lowest price – $697K
  • average price – $834K
  • highest price – $1M
  • average price per square foot – $554
  • average days on market – 39

I also learned that, for the most part, Westchester CA real estate agents are pretty good at setting prices. Setting a listing price is more art than science, and has to do with what the then current market is willing to bear. Just because a gorgeous 3/2 totally redone property on Chase sold last week for $834K, that doesn’t mean the same property will fetch the same price this week.

Having said this, I can see from the market data, that most properties this year sold at or above the listing price. More recent listing prices seem somewhat overreaching to me, but time will tell.

You can see the year to date data, including sold listing details and photos in this report.

Would you like me to create a similar report for your Westchester neighborhood? Drop me a note. I love playing with my data toys and I’ll be happy to create a no obligation report just for you.

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