Little Free Libraries In Westchester

Kentwood Little Free LibraryI shared a photo of a Little Free Library in Kentwood on Facebook this week and learned that lots of other families are as excited about them as I am.

Have you heard about Little Free Libraries? I learned about them last year when parents built three of them for my daughter’s K-8 campus.

What makes them special? This from the organization’s website:

If this were just about providing free books on a shelf, the whole idea might disappear after a few months. Little Free Libraries have a unique, personal touch and there is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with their community. These aren’t just any old books, this is a carefully curated collection and the Library itself is a piece of neighborhood art!

I’m a sucker for anything that promotes exploration, reading, community and sharing, but these little beauties have captured the imagination of lots of people.

Want to build your own? Here’s a collection of photos that will provide more than a little inspiration. Need more? Check out their instagram page.

They also have kits you can buy. Want to get the whole neighborhood or a group involved? Here’s your party kit for building four libraries.

Get more information on getting started here. If the building bug bites you, drop me a note so I can add your library to the Westchester map of Little Free Libraries below.

Not a builder? Find a local library here in Westchester on the map below and start sharing! You never know what awaits.

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