Playa Provisions offers four-in-one dining concept


photo credit to @richkiddwireles
photo credit to @richkiddwireles

From The Hometown News:

Westchester husband and wife team Nick Roberts and Brooke Williamson are readying to launch their newest restaurant concept in Playa del Rey, Playa Provisions, later this month. The restaurant, which is located at the former site of Tower 42, is set to open mid-May according to Roberts and is already creating buzz among locals and across the Internet with popular food blog, Eater, naming the restaurant one of the most anticipated restaurants to open in Los Angeles this spring.  While opening a restaurant and navigating the city’s permit and inspection process can be daunting, Roberts and Williamson are comforted by the excitement growing around the opening of Playa Provisions.

Said Williamson, “We are grateful for [the buzz]. Opening a restaurant is not an easy task and knowing that we already have a clientele ready to chomp at the bit is an instant relief. ”

Roberts and William, who already have two other successful gastropubs–Playa del Rey’s The Tripel and Redondo Beach’s Hudson House– are ready for perhaps their most ambitious project yet with the aptly named Playa Provisions. The restaurant will feature four unique and separate, yet cohesive dining experiences. The multi-concept eatery will have one door to the entire space, but once inside will have separate entrances to the spaces within. The concepts include “King Beach,” a casual café serving breakfast and lunch; “Small Batch” an ice cream shop; “Grain,” a whiskey bar; and Dockside,” a full-service seafood restaurant.

Head over to the Hometown News for the full story…

Brooke Williamson is one of my all time favorite chefs from Top Chef. Have you tried Playa Provisions yet? Share your experience!

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