Open Houses Tomorrow| Westchester CA Real Estate

90045 Real Estate Open Houses

Westchester CA real estate open houses

Lots to see this week if you’re shopping the Westchester open houses, with more than 30 homes scheduled to be open tomorrow in 90045.

Below are links to downloadable self-guided tours by neighborhood.

Westchester – West of Lincoln

Westchester – Loyola Village

Westchester – Kentwood

Westchester – Wesport Heights

Westchester – Osage

Westchester – South of Manchester

Happy househunting! Call us from the road with questions! 🙂

As long as you’re out, why not swing buy and support the Westchester Mental Health Guild by buying tickets to their annual Home Tour. The Holiday Home Tour is the Guild’s largest fundraiser of the year. Net proceeds from the event support the Airport Marina Counseling Service. AMCS provides thousands of hours of child, adult and family mental health counseling services annually to people in our community, with a small paid staff. Hundreds of children, adults and families are treated weekly. The clinic has established outreach programs to local elementary and high schools, providing child therapy and preventive intervention. AMCS also trains mental health therapists. Get more info on Sunday’s tour here.

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