Westchester’s 75th Birthday Is Here!

Westchester Celebrates 75 Years of Community!

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first foundations being poured in the little piece of paradise we call Westchester. From bean fields and farmland, Westchester has grown into a thriving neighborhood with a world-class airport, prestigious universities and a sense of community unrivaled by even the smallest close-knit towns.

Westchester is having a birthday and it’s a big one! In honor of this milestone birthday, a Westchester 75th Birthday Committee made up of residents, local business owners and community leaders, has been created and is busy planning special events to celebrate the occasion.

Our Fourth of July Parade – or as I like to call it, “Our Annual Mayberry Moment” – will serve as the kick-off for a year of anniversary festivities.

The parade’s theme this year is “A Piece of Paradise: Celebrating 75 Years of Westchester.” This year’s theme was inspired by the submission of longtime Westchester resident, Dorothy Rose, who moved to Westchester with her husband in 1954.

The official commemorative event – a cocktail reception at LMU – will be hosted by the LAX Coastal Chamber later this year, and the HomeTown News will also publish a special 75th Anniversary edition of the paper, taking a look at Westchester’s past, present and future.

Feel like wearing some hometown pride? There’s special edition merch available online for your shopping pleasure.

Happy birthday, Westchester!!

Read more about the planned festivities at A Piece of Paradise – LAX Coastal.

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