How to Design an Outdoor Room in your Westchester Backyard

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Seven steps for creating the ultimate outdoor retreat in your Westchester backyard

It’s suddenly Summer with temperatures hovering near triple digits even here in Westchester near the beach. Mornings and evenings are extremely pleasant still and, if you’re like me, thoughts always turn this time of year to how to turn your Westchester backyard into an oasis where the family will spend endless hours enjoying each other’s company. OK, a girl’s gotta dream….

To help make the dream become a reality this year, comes Curbed’s article on how to design outdoor rooms. Curbed interviewed outdoor room designer Alec Dakers and landscape designer Lytton Reid. The duo shared 7 tips for designing the perfect outdoor room, including:
  1. Assess existing conditions, including the broader context beyond your property lines.
  2. Determine how you want to use the space, including the emotions you hope to experience when using the space.
  3. Pencil out your zones and how they relate to each other. For example, an outdoor kitchen probably shouldn’t be too far away from your indoor kitchen for convenience.
  4. Consider whether you want private space (away from the prying eyes of neighbors), public space or a combination.
  5. Understand drainage and keeping water away from your home’s foundation. Plan for utility needs at the outset, so that work proceeds in a logical progression.
  6. Design for multiple senses. What fragrances, fountains or shrubbery do you want to include?
  7. Take style cues from your home’s exterior, as well as its interior.

Ready to turn your Westchester backyard into an outdoor oasis? See the full article on Curbed.

Bonus tip! Outdoor spaces enhance your property value. 🙂

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