Old Westchester Firehouse No. 5 to Become Affordable Housing?

photo credit: lafire.com
photo credit: lafire.com

Our councilman has officially offered up the old Westchester Firehouse at Emerson & Manchester for affordable housing. The firehouse, which also opens to 85th Street, was shuttered when the new firehouse was built at Emerson & Westchester Pkwy.

In a letter dated today, Councilman Bonin says:

Los Angeles is taking action to address the City’s housing shortage, stem the dramatic loss of affordable housing, and put an end to homelessness. The City of Los Angeles is determined to solve these issues, and earlier this year approved its Comprehensive Homelessness Strategy report to address homelessness and the housing crisis.

A central element of those strategies relies on using surplus, vacant or underused City-owned properties – either by building affordable housing on-site, or by selling the property to build housing elsewhere. The City will be examining all of its surplus, vacant and underused properties for these purposes – and a few of the properties we are evaluating are on the Westside, including:

– Thatcher Yard (Venice)
– Old West LA Animal Shelter (West LA)
– Old Fire Station 5 (Westchester)

As somebody who literally lives a block away from the firehouse, I’m not sure what I think about this new turn of events. Several ideas have been floated in our community and none of them include another high density project.

What are your thoughts? Let’s talk in the comments below. You can also make your thoughts on this specific project known to our Councilman’s office here.



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