Westchester On Parade!

If it’s July 4th, it’s Westchester parade day! And a beautiful day it was for a parade. The sun was out and the breeze was just enough to make the flags wave.

This year’s theme for the Westchester parade was “Our Little Piece of Paradise – Celebrating 75 Years of Westchester.” This year’s parade was also the kickoff event for a year long birthday celebration for Westchester.

The parade included 50+ community groups, floats, bands and other entries with three announcer booths at Manchester/Loyola, 83rd/Loyola and 80th/Loyola. Find the parade line-up here.

T-shirts featuring the parade logo and Westchester tote bags were available to purchase and continue to be available online at Westchester75.com.

If you have photos from the Westchester parade, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce and the Hometown News are offering two $25 gift certificates to their favorite photographers. Enter to win three ways:

  1. Tag photos on Instagram with LAXCoastalOnParade and @laxcoastal
  2. Post photos on HTN’s facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/thehtn with LAXCoastalOnParade
  3. Post photos on LAX Coastal’s facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/laxcoastal with LAXCoastalOnParade

Here are the photos I caught from the parade. To see photos from a past Westchester parade, go here. For commentary and additional photos for the 2016 parade, visit our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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