New Sunday Farmers Market In Westchester

It was a beautiful day yesterday to launch the Westchester Farmers Market and by all appearances, the new market is a huge hit. We were there yesterday and caught a few photos to lure you out next week.

Westchester Farmers Market – A Tour

My happiest surprise was to find J.R. Organics at the market. Hardly a Sunday goes by that I don’t trek over to the Mar Vista Market specifically to see these guys. I’m thrilled that I can catch them even closer to home now. I am not exaggerating when I say that their salad greens have converted my husband and me into salad munching maniacs. Love their other fruits and veggies, too.

Westchester Farmers Market 10

Councilman Bonin was on hand with pop up office hours at the market and his tent was a popular one!

Westchester Farmers Market 1

This shot gives a feeling for how crowded the market was at 10:30 am when we were there.

Westchester Farmers Market 2

There is a new bookstore opening in the Triangle called Gatsby’s and they were out with a well stocked tent at the market.

Westchester Farmers Market 5

One of the vendors.

Westchester Farmers Market 6

The petting zoo was a hit!

Westchester Farmers Market 7

The trackless train was there!

Westchester Farmers Market 8

Live music was extra appreciated by the L9 Team because the guys belted out a few Jimmy Buffett faves to put us in an island state of mind.

Westchester Farmers Market 9

Were you there? What did you think? Will you rearrange your Sundays to be there?

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