Coyotes In Westchester – A Community Meeting

Concerned Neighbors have a arranged an information session with LA Animal Services Officer Hoang Dinh on Sunday, July 24th at 5 pm. The meeting will be held near Nielson Park where Earhart Avenue meets Will Rogers Avenue.

Concerns are extra high right now with an apparent uptick recently in sightings and domestic animal attacks.

Some advice from Officer Dinh that came out of a pre-meeting includes:

  • Remembering that coyotes are not  a protected species and residents are allowed to use any means needed to defend property and pets
  • Using a tin can filled with pennies to shake for noise and/or to throw at the animal
  • Throwing a large stick or blasting your garden hose
  • Opening and closing an umbrella at the animal, especially a polka dot umbrella
  • Not leaving pet food outdoors because this attracts rodents which attract coyotes
  • Covering compost sites
  • Keeping small pets indoors
  • Trimming hiding areas

For more suggestions on dealing with coyotes, head over to the LA Animal Services Website.

source: NextDoor

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