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90045 – Here’s What’s Trending In The Hood

As I mentioned last week, this column is a weekly roundup of the online chatter about 90045 that catches my eye.

I tend to hang out mostly on NextDoor and the Moms’ Facebook Group, although I do loosely follow other platforms. After each blurb below, I reference which platform the conversation is happening on and how you can find it.

The Moms Facebook Group is “secret.” This means that you can’t find it on Facebook unless you are a member. Email me at tracy @ and I’ll get you hooked up. It’s a very worthwhile resource for moms and it’s open to moms from 90045, PdR and Playa Vista.

By the way, NextDoor is pretty restrictive with how you deal with your neighbors. There may be super active conversations where the original poster didn’t include Kentwood South, which is where I live. If you see big conversations that you think the wider 90045 community might want to be aware of and you don’t see Kentwood South tagged, send me a summary and I’ll include it in the roundup.

With that, let’s look at the chatter that caught my eye this week.

Good News, Bad News

Or maybe it’s bad news, good news, but I’m so sad to report that we had a big week in the burglary department. The good news? LAPD showed up fast and in full force. But back to the bad news. Nobody has been apprehended. Source: NextDoor (search “nardian way” and “burglary on holy cross” and “burglary crews” and “regis way police” and “burglary on west 87th”). Notably, in the case of the Holy Cross burglary, the homeowner was notified on his cell phone at work of the breakin via his Ring app. He didn’t see the notification right away, but when he did, the police responded immediately.

The Coyotes Are Still Hungry

A poor Amazon driver witnessed a coyote running down the street with a small dog in its mouth. The guy was so shaken, he had to call the house at his next stop and ask them to come to the truck for their package. I can’t even imagine that experience. Keep your small dogs in, especially at dusk. This incident happened at 8 pm in PdR near a suspected coyote den site at Waterview/Trask. We send our condolences to the Nguyen Family. Their other dog was also attacked and died later from cardiac arrest. Source: NextDoor (search “killed by a coyote”). The Moms were discussing this sad topic, too (search “my hubby witnessed”).

Coyote Sighting Map

Sightings and attacks are being mapped here. Email to add information to the map.

AT&T vs. Time Warner vs. Comcast

No shortage of opinions and the details are enough to make a girl’s head spin. Join the conversation on NextDoor (search “time warner”)

Animal Services Is Going Door To Door & Writing Tickets

Seems that if Animal Services comes aknockin’ and you can’t produce proof of licensing, up to date shots and neutering, you’re subject to a pricey fix-it ticket ($100/dog). One commenter pointed out that you shouldn’t license online if you’re trying to fix your ticket. She reports that the online process takes more than 30 days. Source: NextDoor (search “dept of animal services” and “animal control”). There were two crazy active thread with lots of opinions on whether this is a legitimate display of authority. One thread digressed into much hot air and name calling, so I have to say maybe this is a good one to skip. One important thing to know is that not answering the door is not going to avoid a ticket. They will leave one on your door. 🙂

LAX Northward Expansion

Word came this week that an agreement has been reached between LAX and the City of LA that prevents moving the north runway closer to homes in Westchester. I say “yay,” but also noticed that part of the agreement involves lifting caps on passenger counts. What is that going to mean for traffic? Source: NextDoor (search “expansion no” and “update on lax runways”).

Venice Starts The Process To Secede From LA

OK, this one didn’t get so much chatter, but it should! We’re experiencing a lot of the same growing pains here in Westchester and we should be watching their progress closely. Source: NextDoor (search “venice proposing”).

Need Event Tickets?

NextDoor is becoming the place to score tickets. This week, I’ve seen tickets offered for Josh Groban/Sarah McLachlan, the Rams, and another concert that escapes me.

Door To Door Magazine Peddlers

A couple of reckless white vans dumping magazine peddlers set off a spirited conversation about the legitimacy of the sales and the plight of the kids who get dumped to knock and sell. Source: NextDoor (search “these vans”).

School Is Back In Session And Pick-Up & Drop-Off Has Some Neighbors Seeing Red

Loved the title of this thread – “School is back in session please park wherever you want!!! The thread included a picture of a car parked across somebody’s driveway. Parents are harried and getting stupid. Leave a little earlier people and walk a block, for crying outloud! Source: NextDoor (search “wherever you want”). The Moms were discussing the nerve of one neighbor who posted his own “Residents Only” parking sign. It’s tough for both sides.

Zoning Changes In Kentwood

Zoning is a mess in LA and everybody’s new buzzword is “mansionization.” Problem is that size is not always the problem. Taste is. Kentwood specifically was added to the Baseline Masionization Ordinance/Interim Control Ordinance last year. That BMO ICO is expiring and public hearings have begun on what should replace it. There was a mailer this week and a conversation on this topic on NextDoor (search “proposed for kentwood” and “changing the building zone”).

No Verizon Cell Tower For 7910 La Tijera

Score one for the mamas! After 9 months of hard work, their appeal was granted by the Planning Commission, preventing a massive cell tower in their residential neighborhood. Hat tips also to Councilman Bonin, Congresswoman Waters and NC President Cyndi Hench for supporting the fight. Source: Moms Facebook Group (search “dear moms, after nine months).

Support 2 Young Entrepreneurs & Cancer Research!

Two young girls will have a lemonade stand tomorrow (Sunday) at 79th/Yorktown from 1:30 to 3:30. All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s for cancer research.

There you go, friends! Now you’re in the 90045 know!










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