LMU Students Are Back In Session

From Grace Yao, Director of Government & Community Relations at LMU, via NextDoor:

Dear Neighbors,

Today is the first official day of move in for LMU. We are excited to welcome back students and see the campus abuzz with activity again. At the same time, we also recognize that for some neighbors, this can be a difficult time. I want to remind you of contact phone numbers and actions you can take if you encounter difficulties with student neighbors.

I want to let you know that we encourage all of our off-campus students to meet their neighbors and exchange contact information. If you live next door to students, I hope you will do the same. In many situations, I believe opening the line of communication can help prevent situations and relationships from souring. Additionally, students can be an excellent source of help with neighborhood watch efforts, or when you are out of town, so reach out to them!

If you encounter a situation where students are creating a disturbance and disruption to your neighborhood, we ask that you report to the following WHILE the incident is happening:

1) Call LAPD non-emergency dispatch to report: 877-275-5273
2) Call LMU Department of Public Safety (DPS) to report: 310-338-2893

Reporting to BOTH entities is needed because we each take different actions. LAPD has the authority to issue citations and make arrests. The report that DPS takes is critical to ensuring that the university can take action through our internal process.

Most issues are resolved through this reporting process. However, if you live next to a property that has been a disruption for several years and gone through numerous tenants, additional action may be needed. In that case, please also contact the Community Relations office. We will work with you and your neighbors and the City Attorney’s office to try to address the issue for the long term. The Community Relations office is 310-338-2759.

For the first few weekends of school, DPS will have additional officers stationed outside of the Loyola Blvd gate to remind students to not loiter or roam in large crowds, and to be respectful to community members.

We would appreciate your help sharing this information with others in the community and we look forward to a great school year!

Grace Yao

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