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90045 – Here’s What’s Trending In The Hood

westchester ca trending, 90045, about westchester ca 90045, 90045 newsAs I mentioned last week, this column is a weekly roundup of the online chatter about 90045 that catches my eye.

I tend to hang out mostly on NextDoor and the Moms’ Facebook Group, although I do loosely follow other platforms. After each blurb below, I reference which platform the conversation is happening on and how you can find it.

The Moms Facebook Group is “secret.” This means that you can’t find it on Facebook unless you are a member. Email me at tracy @ and I’ll get you hooked up. It’s a very worthwhile resource for moms and it’s open to moms from 90045, PdR and Playa Vista.

By the way, NextDoor is pretty restrictive with how you deal with your neighbors. There may be super active conversations where the original poster didn’t include Kentwood South, which is where I live. If you see big conversations that you think the wider 90045 community might want to be aware of and you don’t see Kentwood South tagged, send me a summary and I’ll include it in the roundup.

With that, let’s look at the chatter that caught my eye this week.

The Coyotes Are Rocking The Neighborhood

Another dog was snatched, this time reportedly behind a nine foot fence. Source: Nextdoor (search “another dog taken”). Multiple individual reports of coyotes were posted this week and a big brouhaha erupted over which group is going to paper the neighborhood with flyer alerts. One group was told to quit distributing their flyers because Neighborhood Watch is going to distribute. Petty politics gumming up the process of getting word out. Very sad. Source: Nextdoor (search “coyote” and get some popcorn). If you haven’t seen the Coyote Sightings Map, you can find it here. Email to add sightings and attacks to the map.

Got Ants?

We did at my house. I can’t tell you how much Windex and paper towels I killed last month. For other ideas, go to NextDoor and search “any suggestions for getting rid of ants.”

Need A Vet?

No shortage of opinions on NextDoor (search “neighborhood vet?”)

Gas Smell In Playa

SoCalGas fessed up to a 150 gallon crude oil and water leak at the PdR facility this week. They were required to depressurize and vent the system, resulting in “harmless” odorant. Source: NextDoor (search “gas leak?”).

Burglary in Westport Heights

Suspicious activity observed, but the burglary happened anyway. Watch for three young, thin black females casing the neighborhood. They are driving a white four-door Saturn. And get this, they are carrying water bottles. Just another day at the office…. Source: NextDoor (search “neighbor house broken into”). Another report in Westport Heights says there may also be a 30 year old black male and 30 year old black female associated with the same car and seen in the 7800 block of Airlane. Possibly a spotter stays in the car and calls the crew if there is trouble.

Call LAX PD For Crimes In Progress?

A neighbor in West Westchester posted that she and her husband were out for a walk when an LAX cop stopped them and asked if they knew about the recent burglaries in the neighborhood. He advised that LAXPD tries to help LAPD with crimes in progress and they will come if they can. Call their dispatch at 424.646.7911 and report the crime in progress. For me, I would make this my second call AFTER 911, but you can bet that I’ve put this number on speed dial. Source: NextDoor (search “spate of burglaries”).

Deals On The Ring Doorbell Camera

The Ring is getting lots of play on NextDoor with all the burglary chatter. To find out where people are getting the best deal, search “ring doorbell camera purchase” on NextDoor.

ROC Playa Vista

The moms on Facebook are excited about ROC opening last Thursday across from Hopdoddy. Turns out it wasn’t even the real opening. Find the post for some yummy pics. Stay tuned for the real opening. Source: Moms Facebook Group (search “ROC in Playa Vista”)

The Moms Are Hopping Mad About Crime In Our Community

A single mom in Playa del Rey was on the wrong end of a particularly nasty break-in and the moms on Facebook are hopping mad. Source: Moms Facebook Group (search “entire house was ransacked”). We have to get more organized around here to get the attention of LAPD. 😦

LMU Is Back In Session

And some of the moms have great advice on what to do if LMU students are persistently partying it in your neighborhood. Source: Moms Facebook Group (search “first official day of move in for LMU”).

There you go, friends! Now you’re in the 90045 know! Did I miss anything? Drop it in the comments for your neighbors!

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About Tracy Thrower Conyers
Tracy Thrower Conyers is a long-time resident of Westchester 90045. Tracy closely follows local politics, political players and social chatter relevant to Westchester. You’ll frequently find her at Neighborhood Council meetings, as well as on all the social platforms where 90045 peeps hang out. As a mom with a school-aged child, Tracy is keenly aware of the importance of the educational choices we make for our kids, and spends a lot of time following local schools. She’s passionate about California’s charter school movement as a source of innovation for public schools, and pays extra attention to special needs education choices and resources. Tracy is also a Broker Associate and founding principal in Silicon Beach Properties. She is a recognized expert on Silicon Beach and its impact on residential and residential income real estate, and has been featured by respected media outlets including the LA Times, KPCC and KCET. Tracy’s primary focus and expertise includes buying and selling homes and residential income properties in Westchester and the Playas, but she is also very tuned in to the wider Silicon Beach area. Find more on Tracy and Silicon Beach Properties on sb.p’s website. Connect other places online with Tracy: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

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  1. Tracy–

    Thank you for this terrific blog. It’s interesting, relevant, succinct, informative, helpful etc. For example, I had never seen the coyote map–it’s very revealing when one can view the big picture. Thank you so much!


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