Houston, We Have A 90045 RV Problem

90045 RV Problem
photo courtesy of neontommy.com

The 90045 RV Problem

What is up with all those RV’s? You know the ones. You’ve seen them everywhere. Recently, they were parked all along Manchester until shiny new restricted parking signage recently put a stop to parking between Sepulveda and Emerson.

RV’s parking on our City streets is not unique to Westchester. People are complaining in other communities, too. Recently El Segundo announced a tightening up on restrictions. The complaints in Venice are legendary.

And the problem is not new and it’s not pretty. Some people live in RV’s because they’ve lost their homes. Others make it a lifestyle choice. I once attended a Neighborhood Council meeting where a woman stood up and said that RV’s are the new thing and “Westchester better get used to it.” I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Houston, we have a 90045 RV problem.

Leave It Alone?

I think a lot of us would be willing to look the other way if it was just a handful of respectful people who need inexpensive housing. But it’s the self-entitled lifestylers that make me crazy. But I might even be able to ignore a few of those, if they didn’t stand up at NC meetings and flaunt their righteous choice.

But when the RV dwellers start dumping their waste, running criminal enterprises in their rigs and generally prevent kids and others from using the bike lanes and sidewalks, it’s time to take action.

Shouldn’t The City Take Care Of Our 90045 RV Problem?

If I had a nickle for every comment on NextDoor complaining that Mike Bonin is a bum for not getting rid of the RV’s, I’d be penning this post from Maui.

The truth is, the City is prevented from citing people simply because they are living in their vehicles. This comes courtesy of civil rights litigation sparked by Venice residents’ complaints about their RV problem a few years back, which prompted LAPD to dust off an old law from the 80’s to cite people for living in their vehicles. Four homeless people banded together and brought suit, with the result being that the 9th Circuit struck down the law as unconstitutionally vague in 2014.

Fast-forward to 2016 and it’s still not illegal to live in your vehicle. Why? Because the City of LA doesn’t have any alternative to offer, although there is movement toward rectifying this.

Although they can’t seem to get their housing/parking alternative act together, the City is not unsympathetic to our plight with RV dwellers who dump waste and run criminal enterprises on our streets with impunity. Even our Councilman, who is the biggest homeless advocate I’ve ever met, is willing to help restrict street parking when there is a demonstrable problem with health, safety and/or criminal violations.

So, while the City is not currently in a position to outright ban RV’s from our community, restricted parking by blocks is still an option. Click here for the instructions.

Sad State Of Affairs

It’s a sad state of affairs that we have to piecemeal a solution this way, and some neighbors call the process “whack a mole,” as the RV’s move from one street to another, but until there is a way for the City to legally address the bigger picture, this is what we’re left with.

What about you? Are you experiencing the 90045 RV problem on your street? What steps have you tried? Let’s talk in the comments below.