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westchester ca trending, 90045, about westchester ca 90045, 90045 newsAs I mentioned when I started this column, this is a weekly roundup of the 90045 online chatter that catches my eye.

I tend to hang out mostly on NextDoor and the Moms’ Facebook Group, although I do loosely follow other platforms. After each blurb below, I reference which platform the conversation is happening on and how you can find it.

The Moms Facebook Group is “secret.” This means that you can’t find it on Facebook unless you are a member. Email me at tracy @ and I’ll get you hooked up. It’s a very worthwhile resource for moms and it’s open to moms from 90045, PdR and Playa Vista.

By the way, NextDoor is pretty restrictive with how you deal with your neighbors. There may be super active conversations where the original poster didn’t include my neighborhood, Kentwood South (don’t even get me started on why Kentwood is divided :)). If you see big conversations that you think the wider 90045 community might want to be aware of and you don’t see Kentwood South tagged, send me a summary and I’ll include it in the roundup.

With that, let’s look at the chatter that caught my eye this week.

Coyotes Still Leading The Conversation

A neighbor in Kentwood South was walking her dog at 6 am at Kentwood/83rd, and found herself being tailed by a coyote. She started running. Bad idea. The coyote chased. Then she started screaming and acting erratically and scared the coyote. DON’T RUN. Read this to remind yourself what to do when confronted by a coyote. Nextdoor (search “coyote” and get some popcorn). If you haven’t seen the Coyote Sightings Map, you can find it here. Email to add sightings and attacks to the map.

Westport Heights Traffic

DOT recently put up new signs, but apparently the Waze crowd didn’t get the memo. Fortunately, one of the very tech savvy moms on the Moms Facebook Group thought to message Waze directly about the signs. She got an email yesterday that they’ve updated the app, so hopefully lighter traffic is around the corner. Other neighbors are not buying it, citing all the new apartments coming on line in our area. Nextdoor (search “traffic on 74th”). School is back in session and sadly, we all commute our kids someplace else. This is probably not helping the overall traffic situation. Moms Facebook Group (search “INCONCEIVABLE SUCK MODE”). LAPD was onhand at one point to greet people who ignored the new signs. NextDoor, search “78th/La Tijera.”

The Ring Is Hanging In With Coyotes & Traffic As A Popular Topic of Discussion

Big discussion this week about a trio of young people door knocking to sell magazine subscriptions and to “meet their neighbors.” Old problem, but the difference is that we’re all talking about them before they hit our door AND we’re posting Ring footage. Nextdoor (search “girl casing 7800 block of bleriot” and “burglar-to-be” and “young female going door to door”).

What Are You Putting In Your Recycling?

I posted myself this week on NextDoor that I came home in the middle of the afternoon and found some of my recycling on the street. Knowing that I had thrown in my office recycling at the last minute that morning, I opened the can and found that the trash picker had taken only the sheaf of papers on top and not dug any further. I’m usually pretty good about shredding sensitive documents and am hoping that I didn’t mess up and toss a piece in I shouldn’t have. This guy was clearly not looking for cans and bottles. NextDoor, search “recycling.”

Cars Speeding Through The Neighborhood

Traffic sucks. Everybody is frustrated … and late. Where they can, people are cruising through stop signs and speeding down side streets. Everybody thinks they want speed bumps. Unfortunately, that program got cut in the last round of budget cuts. NextDoor, search “fed up with speeding cars” and “near fatel incdent” (sic).

Solar Panels – Lease or Buy?

Buy! NextDoor, search “anyone install to solar city.” I got a good giggle this week when I heard a solar commercial on KNX 1070 where the announcer made a joke by sub’g the word “fleecing” for leasing.

Re-doing Your Bathroom?

A neighbor posted that she is looking for design help and 25 comments and recommendations followed. Hope that helped her overwhelm. 😉 NextDoor, search “help with bathroom design.”

Update On Apartment Construction At 74th & La Tijera

This item didn’t meeting my 20 comment criteria, which surprised me. I guess we’ve given up. Anyway, it’s a detailed update which you can find on NextDoor, search “constructions activities.” Upshot? The site has been cleared environmentally and they are getting ready to drill piles. Oh joy. One comment from the original poster also details the traffic impact of the project.

Celebrity In Town

Juan Gabriel, a huge Mexican music celebrity passed away earlier this week and was brought to the mortuary at La Tijera & 74th prior to being flown to Mexico. Legions of fans came to town to pay their respects. NextDoor, search “news everywhere.”

The Shooting That Wasn’t

Seems like a distant memory now, but a loud bang roiled up Terminal 7 at LAX on Monday. Nobody knows what happened, but I’m pretty sure that one guy won’t be traveling anymore in his Zorro costume. The emergency systems were woefully inadequate. I got the all clear text at 10:30 pm twice, but no text of a problem in the first place. No problem, I have NextDoor. NextDoor, search “terminal 7” and “possible shots fired” and “lax on lockdown.” And the news helicopters! What a pain. Flying for hours after that all clear text. NextDoor, search “fly home news copters” and “hearing helicopters.”

Public Safety Town Hall

Another important announcement that isn’t getting much chatter. Mike Bonin and LAPD will be on hand Wednesday, Sept 7th to discuss crime in Westchester/PdR. NextDoor, search “crime prevention.”

Moms Helping Moms

One of my favorite threads every month on the Moms Group is the thread on the 1st day of the month where moms are invited to promote their businesses. Check it out to support local moms and small businesses. And please let them know that you got the tip here. I’m working on all those mamas to come write for us here at Living90045. 😉 Moms Facebook Group (search “Moms Helping Moms”

Back To School Lunch Woes

Does anybody have a kid who isn’t a picky lunch eater? Of course kids get about 10 minutes to eat their lunch at school, which makes me crazy, but I digress. Search “lunch support” on the Moms Group for suggestions on lunch boxes and things to put in those lunch boxes.

There you go, friends! Now you’re in the 90045 know! Did I miss anything? Drop it in the comments for your neighbors!

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