Changing Seasons And Your Health

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Lúriko P. Ozeki, L.Ac. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

Fall definitely made itself known here in Los Angeles this week. We had a drizzle of a rain in the morning, and strong winds all day. Temperatures also dropped a lot. Although we’ll have another hot weekend into next week, and most likely Indian Summer at some point before October, Fall is here.

We say in Chinese medicine that Autumn is when the Yang and Heat of the Summer is slowly dying and the Yin and Coldness energy begins to grow, readying us for Winter. This gives rise to the transition of Cold-Dryness and Warm-Dryness. It is also the season of the Lung system. If you have respiratory issues, it’s this season that respiratory issues get more aggravated than others. With being more dry and it being a Lung season, this is why so many people are prone to catching colds and flus (I’m already seeing cases of respiratory issues in my clinic). The Lungs detest Dryness. It’s thus wise to eat foods that nourish the Yin, soothes the Dryness, tastes sweet and moist, promotes the secretion of body fluid and benefits the Lungs, without being greasy or dry.

Some good examples of Fall foods to promote all this are:
pears, persimmon, banana, sugarcane, lily bulb, white fungus (or bai mu er), and radish.

Soups/consommes/broths are also excellent at moistening internal organs. I have started to make miso soup every night to drink for dinner and breakfast. It is lovely to wake up to a nice hot cup of miso soup every morning.

And as I always say, when it’s windy, protect your neck, because we say Wind is the Carrier of One Hundred Diseases, and the neck is most susceptible to wind invading our system and wreaking havoc.

Prevention is the best medicine! Hope you all stay healthy through this season!

Lúriko Ozeki has over 15 years of experience in nutrition and preventative health care, helping countless adults and children regain better health and a healthy lifestyle through nutritional counseling and Asian Medicine. She is also a pioneer and premiere expert in the field of Pediatric Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (PAOM) in the Los Angeles area. Lúriko has trained extensively in both Japan and in the United States on all aspects of PAOM and Pediatric Functional Medicine. Lúriko maintains a private family practice in Westchester and West Los Angeles, specializing in holistic pediatrics, health maintenance, pain management, stress management, allergy alleviation, digestive issues, women’s health, detox programs, and nutritional counseling. It’s Lúriko’s resolve to help make a difference in our future by treating children, because by helping to heal one child, it causes a ripple effect of positive change in the family, the community and ultimately the society we live in. Get ready for Fall & Winter with a Fall tune-up! Book an appointment for you and/or your kids with Lúriko at