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westchester ca trending, #90045, about westchester ca 90045, 90045 newsThis is a weekly roundup of the 90045 online chatter that catches my eye. I tend to hang out mostly on NextDoor and the Moms’ Facebook Group, although I do loosely follow other neighborhood-related platforms. After each blurb below, I reference which platform the conversation is happening on and how you can find it.

The Moms Facebook Group is “secret.” This means that you can’t find it on Facebook unless you are a member. Email me at tracy @ and I’ll get you hooked up. It’s a very worthwhile resource for moms and it’s open to moms from 90045, PdR and Playa Vista.

By the way, NextDoor is pretty restrictive with how you deal with your neighbors. There may be super active conversations where the original poster didn’t include my neighborhood, Kentwood South. If you see big conversations that you think the wider 90045 community might want to be aware of and you don’t see Kentwood South tagged, send me a summary and I’ll include it in the roundup.

With that, let’s look at the chatter that caught my eye this week.

Lightrail Station At Florence/Hindrey

Active thread about the Crenshaw Line, even though the station is probably two years away. Apparently some of the neighbors are just figuring out that Metro is not building parking and not happy about it. Other neighbors think the train can’t come soon enough. Will you use it? Drop a note in the comments. NextDoor, search “crenshaw line” and “parking for our train.”

german shepherd rescueWould You Like To Add A Middle-Aged Dog To Your Household?

Franklin is getting lots of love on NextDoor, but he needs a home. He was in PTS status for yesterday, but a Good Sam got him hooked up with a rescue in Beverly Hills. He’s a cutie and reportedly super well-behaved. More details on NextDoor, search “german shepherd mix needs an adopter.”

Coyotes … Still

The coyotes are still a big topic of conversation and somebody finally asked “why now?” Theories abound. Playa Vista development (unlikely, not recent), the drought, people feeding them, wildlife habitat in the Ballona Wetlands amping up the food chain, really only one or two and seems like more, coming in from other places through the storm drain channel. Lots of interesting ideas. NextDoor, search “question on coyotes.”

And then there is the post complaining about the demonization of the coyotes. That’s a heated conversation with 169 comments this week. NextDoor, search “coyotes – back off.”

Here’s a link for more information about the Bonin-sponsored Coyote Community Meeting this week. Find this and other local meetings and events on our 90045 Events Calendar.

LMU Student Party Houses

Neighbors are cranky that they have a new crop of students to contend with. All the usual advice, if you need info on who to call when the parties start in your neighborhood. NextDoor, search “lmu frat house.”

Vet Recommendations

Always a popular post. I guess I could get on my soapbox here and explain where the search box is for people, but nobody seems to mind posting the same stuff over and over in response to the question. 🙂 This week on NextDoor, search “vet rec.”

Kentwood’s ICO

Kentwood’s R1 Zoning “emergency” ordinance is expiring in 6 months and there was a public hearing this week about what will replace it. One particularly active post says it was “obvious” at the public hearing that “everybody” is against further restrictions. I was there and the poster is totally overstating what happened. If you’re still catching up on this issue, I wrote a lengthy blog post about it on my personal blog here and also posted my recent letter to Councilman Bonin’s staff here. If you want to catch some of your neighbors’ differing viewpoints on the topic, go to NextDoor and search “nco/ico” and “lot size vs property.”

Long Ago & Far Away

Our community has lots of residents who have lived here for decades. One such resident started a walk down memory lane thread and it’s an interesting read. NextDoor, search “long ago.”

Kitten Palooza

There are so many kittens available this week on NextDoor that you would think it’s Spring. I saw two brown tabby boys that would fit right in at my house … if we didn’t already have four brown tabby boys. Meow! Search “kitten.”

SSS Neighborhood Patrol

People are wondering how the company’s patrol person is going to see anything happening if driving through the neighborhood at 25+ mph. Personally, I think they are simply hoping to be a deterrent. Much chatter and a few comments from one of the owners on NextDoor (search “SSS”).

Lazy Postal Carrier Video

Somebody needs to introduce the postal carriers to the Ring doorbell camera. A neighbor posted a very clear video of a carrier who threw the mail on the porch, rather than take an extra step and put the mail in the box. You can read all the opinions on NextDoor (search “lazy postal”).

My Favorite Post On NextDoor This Week

Everybody had their knickers in a twist over the cut-through traffic from the 405 through Osage and Westport Heights and back to the 405 (does anybody else feel like this is an idiotic stragegy?). There was a town hall on the topic. Then the restricted signage went in, but the hand wringing continued as drivers ignored the signs. This week LAPD showed up to write tickets and guess what? People are complaining! They think that as locals, they should get to ignore the signs. Somebody didn’t think through the natural consequences of the original complaints. 😉 NextDoor, search “cop was writing tickets.”

And A PSA for WAM

The Emerson Garden Community is throwing a block party next weekend and calling it the 1st Annual Westchester Arts & Music (WAM) Block Party. It’s an all day affair and looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun. I’m volunteering. See you there? More information here.

Don’t Do This At Home Boys & Girls

A mom posted on the Moms Group that her husband left a $28 check in their porch mailbox overnight. It was stolen and cashed for $700. That would be a nasty surprise. The postal inspector was at our recent Safety & Security Town Hall and he reported that people are out cruising for mail after dark. He said all of SoCal is having big mail crime problems due to meth and other drug addictions. Moms FB Group, search “warning!”

Do Your Kids Zone Out At School?

There is a very active thread that you need to read on the Moms FB Group. Every conceivable theory has been raised there. My personal favorite is to look at diet and exercise. Search “looking for suggestions.”

There you go, friends! Now you’re in the 90045 know! Did I miss anything? Drop it in the comments for your neighbors!

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