The Scoop! This Week’s 90045 Real Estate News In Review

90045 Real Estate News This Week

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90045 real estate news – 123 listings are on the market today in 90045 (↓1 from last week)

55 (↑2) of those listings are in escrow and 37 (↑1) of those listings in escrow will take back-up offers (68 are “active”) (↓3)

westchester real estate, 90045 home valuation, westchester real estate expert Tracy Thrower ConyersThere are 8 residential income properties  for sale today in 90045 (8 active, 3 back-up)

16 properties (↑4) are available for residential lease in 90045, ranging in price from $1700 to $6500

90045 Real Estate News – Homes for sale by price

$500K to $1M $1M to $2M $2M+

90045 Real Estate News – Homes for sale by bedroom count

2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms 4 bedrooms 5+ bedrooms

Tracy’s Favorite 90045 Listings This Week

8807 Reading Ave $999K

8807 Reading Ave 90045 Real Estate NewsI saw this 4-plex about a week and a half ago and I’m surprised to see it still on the market. First, the property cash flows with all four units leased. Second, one unit is being delivered empty and the buyer can live there to take advantage of favorable financing. The empty unit is super cute with a private patio. Third, there is big upside in the actual rents. This property is subject to rent control and you would have to evaluate the current tenants’ status to adequately analyze upside, but at some point you’ll see a big uptick in rental income. At this rental price point, this property offers an attractive alternative the newer, pricier apartments being built around Westchester. Fourth, and this would have to be investigated in deeper detail, BUT it looks to me like this property could be expanded with additional units. Certainly the lot size is big enough. Parking might be an issue.  Drop me a note to tour and let’s dig in on the due diligence!

8040 Chase Ave $1.7M

8040 chase avenue westchester ca real estate for sale 90045 Real Estate NewsThis house is HUGE on this lot at 67% of the 6270′ lot. There is almost no chance that you will ever get to put this much square footage on a Kentwood lot again, at least not in the foreseeable future. And the house was built in 2005, so it’s a relatively recent build. It is located in North Kentwood and it’s been on the market since April. The new lower price seems like it’s in the zone, but it’s been sitting at that price for two months. It’s highly likely that a lower offer might be considered. Want to take a peek? Drop me a note to tour. And a PSA – don’t list your Kentwood property with an out of area agent, people! 😉

Recent Sales In 90045

329 homes have sold in the last year in 90045. 26 of those closed in the last 30 days (5 condos/21 houses)

90045 Price & DOM Stats At A Glance

Please note that these stats are only available
from the MLS for the previous month

Median Sales Price – August

All Homes (inc’g condos)


All Single Family Residences (SFR)


2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)


Median Sales Price/Ft – August

All Homes  (inc’g condos)

634/sq ft

All Single Family Residences (SFR)

643/sq ft

2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)

670/sq ft

3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)

573/sq ft

4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)

634/sq ft

Median Days On Market – August

All Homes  (inc’g condos)


All Single Family Residences (SFR)


2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)


90045 Trendlines

westchester ca real estate median sales price chart 90045 Real Estate News

westchester real estate 90045 price per square foot trend chart 90045 Real Estate News

90045 median DOM 09 03 16 90045 Real Estate News

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