ROC Comes To Playa Vista

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Chinese Dumplings in Playa Vista

Finally, a good Chinese restaurant near us! ROC stands for Republic of China and it’s located in the uber trendy Runway at Playa Vista across from Whole Foods. If you like dumplings, you will love this place.

ROC near Westchester 90045I tried the pork and chicken shanghai soup dumplings and they were amazing. My son even gave me a lesson in the proper way to eat a soup dumpling (who knew?). Step 1: using your chopsticks, place the dumpling on your soup spoon. Step 2: poke a hole in the top of the dumpling ever so delicately. Step 3: turn the dumpling over to drain the soup into the spoon. Step 4: eat the dumpling. Step 5: slurp the yummy soup broth up.

roc-pancakesThe back of the menu also has a “recommended technique on eating soup dumplings.” I also tried the scallion pancake with ginger soy dipping sauce. I could eat these all day, they were so good. I also had a taste of the beef roll with cucumbers, green onions and cilantro. It had a nice brisket-like texture and the cucumber added a nice freshness.

roc-pv-exteriorROC’s decor is modern and industrial, with exposed pipes and ducts on the ceiling and a huge open kitchen. If you are in the mood for Chinese food, this one is definitely worth checking out!

photo credits to Janet Cardona