Cafe Solar Opens In Westchester

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We’re a family who loves dining out, so we couldn’t be more pleased to see a new, modern cafe open near us! Cafe Solar offers a very impressive menu with breakfast, crepes, salads, sandwiches and dinner plates, not to mention mouth-watering baked goods, organic coffee and a variety of fresh pressed juices, as well as a unique offering of kombucha & coffee on tap.

Cafe Solar Pumpkin Pancakes 90045We first tried the decadent pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips inside. It was like dessert for breakfast, fluffy and sweet. The pumpkin latte was too sweet for me, but I usually drink black coffee.

cafe-solar-breakfast-quesedillaThe breakfast crepe quesadilla was a hearty breakfast the whole family enjoyed. The crepe, a good substitute for a tortilla, was light and full of cheese. Although, I think my favorite dish was the sesame seed croissant, I can’t get over how tasty that was with such a simple ingredient.

For lunch, I enjoyed a memorable, crispy quinoa burger. It was moist, full of flavor and not too filling, a great “veggie burger” option that isn’t full of beans or soy. I highly recommend it! I also devoured the cobb salad, which had honey smoked turkey instead of chicken – amazing salad dressing and crisp greens.

Cafe Solar Bolognese 90045For dinner we had a cannelloni crepe, which was an easy way to get my little one to eat spinach. He called it pizza! Zesty marinara & cheese in a light crepe, yum! And my favorite was the fettuccine bolognese, a hearty sweet and savory sauce with ground beef. So satisfying! I’m dying to try the apple & pumpkin pie which look delicious. And I was told they will soon have a kids menu – thank goodness!

My only critique is the price. I was a little surprised with my total each time I went, but I was happy to tip the friendly and curious staff. Westchester is the second location for this family-run cafe, which bakes all their delicious baked goods in house. The staff told me that the other location makes the fresh pressed juices.

I will frequent this place, as I want to try their whole menu! 🙂 The lovely manager was as accommodating as could be – worth checking out!

Café Solar
6224 W. Manchester Ave
Westchester, CA 90045