The Scoop! This Week’s 90045 Real Estate News In Review

90045 Real Estate News This Week

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90045 real estate news – 107 listings are on the market today in 90045 (↑4 from last our last report)

55 (↑4) of those listings are in escrow and 31 (↓3) of those listings in escrow will take back-up offers (52 are “active”) (↓0)

westchester real estate, 90045 home valuation, westchester real estate expert Tracy Thrower ConyersThere are 6 residential income properties for sale today in 90045 (↓2) (1 back-up, 0 pending)

15 properties (↓5) are available for residential lease in 90045, ranging in price from $1995 to $5295

90045 Real Estate News – Homes for sale by price

$500K to $1M $1M to $2M $2M+

90045 Real Estate News – Homes for sale by bedroom count

2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms 4 bedrooms 5+ bedrooms

Tracy’s Favorite 90045 Listings This Week

8556-emerson-westchester-900458556 S. Emerson Ave $1,150,368
6564 85th Place $1,275,000
6566 85th Place $1,310,050
6579 W. Manchester $1,180,176
6583 W. Manchester $1,174,656 + others

Is somebody out there reading my column because magically four of these units went under contract last week. More likely, it’s something else because three went active again three days later. I smell a deal. Who wants to have a look for rentals? These units have the look and feel to appeal to the Silicon Beach crowd and could fetch as much as $5k-$6k/mo. Drop me a note to tour.

5887 W. 77th Place $999K

This one puzzles me. It’s a cute, decent-sized Westport Heights home on a great street and yet it’s sitting on its fourth price drop at 150 days on market. I can’t remember if I’ve seen this house (who would five months later?), but I do notice that out of 26 MLS photos, not one is of a bathroom. Maybe there is still work to be done? At this point, the price per foot is well below the Westport Heights median for that metric, but slightly high for the median home price in that neighborhood.  Who wants to investigate further with me? Drop me a note to tour.

Recent Sales In 90045

334 homes have sold in the last year in 90045. 22 of those closed in the last 22 days (7 condos/15 houses)

90045 Price & DOM Stats At A Glance

Please note that these stats are only available
from the MLS for the previous month. Please also
note that the number in parentheses is the previous
month’s numbers. Click the link for the full 3-yr
trend chart. Please also note that the numbers
below, as well as the trend lines, are on a 12-mo.
rolling average. Actual numbers may vary slightly.
Contact me with questions.

Median Sales Price – October

All Homes (inc’g condos)


All Single Family Residences (SFR)


2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)


Median Sales Price/Ft – October

All Homes (inc’g condos)

$607/sq ft
(605/sq ft)

All Single Family Residences (SFR)

$634/sq ft
(632/sq ft)

2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)

$679/sq ft
(673/sq ft)

3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)

$670/sq ft
(667/sq ft)

4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)

$561/sq ft
(557/sq ft)

Median Days On Market – October

All Homes (inc’g condos)


All Single Family Residences (SFR)


2 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


3 Bedroom Homes (SFR)


4+ Bedroom Homes (SFR)


90045 Trendlines

90045 Median Sales Price (last 3 years, single family)

westchester ca real estate median sales price chart 90045 Real Estate News

90045 Median Sales Price/Sq. Ft. (last 3 years, single family)

westchester real estate 90045 price per square foot trend chart 90045 Real Estate News

90045 Median Days On Market (last 3 years, single family)

90045 median DOM 09 03 16 90045 Real Estate News

90045 Inventory Months Supply (last 3 years, single family)

Inventory Months Supply 90045 Real Estate News

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