Finding Peace in Chaotic Times

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a very timely guest post from Dr. Terry Binkovitz. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

I don’t think you can find anyone that hasn’t been affected by changes that have come about by our recent political climate. We are now saturated with continual information and media coming at us. It has created a time where there are many conflicting opinions and feelings.

In Jungian Psychology, Carl Jung referred to the shadow as including everything outside the light of consciousness, and this could be positive or negative. If the shadow remains hidden or denied it will be projected onto others and the world, wrecking havoc and destruction. Coming to terms with the shadow means we must accept and understand it in the most creative way as possible. The shadow can not solely be seen as evil or negative; it also contains natural, life-giving, unrecognized creative potentials.

Therefore, we have to find those places that can become our sacred sanctuaries and create those experiences that can nurture our being. If you are feeling confused during this time, consider the idea of “co-fusing” new ideas together; and until the new ideas have been integrated into our thinking they will feel chaotic.

As we undergo change, we are redefining our attitudes and beliefs. Look to see if your new definitions and beliefs are ones that you actually prefer. Take time to examine your own shadow before you go out and try to change the external world. It is key during this time to practice kindness, generosity and gratitude. It will lift your spirit to the point of rising above chaos. Spend time in nature to reset your body and soul to its natural state of being.

And remember to hold on tight, because we will continue to ride these turbulent waves as more change offers us more opportunities to grow. How else can our lives get our attention and wake us up to what wants to happen within us? Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and feelings that clutter your thinking. Meditation, long walks and exercise are good ways to calm overstimulated brains. Surround yourself with beauty to remind yourself of the creative forces that do exist.

And, most importantly, breathe deeply.