5 Reasons to List or Buy Westchester Real Estate During the Holidays

There is no reason to avoid listing or buying real estate during the holidays

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Most people believe that trying to buy or sell real estate during the holidays is a waste of time. Ha!

Not only does the craziness that we call “Silicon Beach” fly in the face of all conventional wisdom about how things “should” happen in our community, buying or selling real estate during the holidays is a strategy that works in any market.

With the Silicon Beach effect, it’s a particularly good time to list or buy Westchester real estate.

buy-sell-holidays-90045-westchesterHere’s the skinny on the facts and the myths:

1. Too Few People Are Looking & That’s Bad

Myth! The action certainly dies down during the holidays. People like their holiday parties and don’t need another thing on their “to do” list. All true BUT for sellers, the searching buyers are super serious or they wouldn’t take on that extra “thing.”

For buyers, who needs extra competition? As with sellers interested in serious buyers, sellers willing to list and show during the holidays are likewise serious – good for buyers. Serious business can get done.

2. No Harm In Waiting Until The Holidays Are Over

Myth! Demand for new homes doesn’t disappear over the holidays. It just builds. Come January, we’ll see a flood of listings (bad for sellers) and a flood of buyers (bad for buyers). As Winter slips into the Spring selling season, the result is amplified.

3. I Won’t Be Able To Decorate My Home For The Holidays

Myth! Homes show well with holiday touches. Sellers can work with their agent to come up with a decorating strategy that will appeal to buyers. For buyers, the atmosphere is more festive.

4. Schedules Are Crazy – Nothing Will Get Done

Myth! Well, kind of. Yes, schedules are crazy, but they also tend to be more flexible during the holidays with people taking more personal time off work. A good agent will also work hard to facilitate getting things done.

5. I Don’t Want To Move During The Holidays

Myth! The length of escrow is a negotiable item. Either or both parties can ask for a schedule that fits their life.

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