Breakfast Joints We Like In 90045

Breakfast in Westchester CADo you know about the Westchester, PdR & Playa Vista Moms Group on Facebook? 2400+ very engaged moms asking questions and offering advice on a variety of mom topics.

Today, a new mom in the neighborhood asked for recommendations for breakfast joints within a 10 minute drive, and within six hours of her request, she had 70 comments. With so much passion on the topic, I knew I needed to capture the information in a post for future reference. We do like our breakfasts out in these parts!

So, in no particular order except for some rough geo sorting, here is the list with the number of votes in parens. No parens means only a single vote. I added links to websites, facebook or yelp for more information.

I have to say, I’ve been here 15 years and have more than a little experience with many on the list, but I picked up more than one idea from this conversation. Enjoy!!

Playa del Rey/Marina del Rey & Adjacent

Playa Provisions (7 votes)
26 Beach (5 votes)
J Nichols Cafe (6 votes)
Ronnie’s Diner (6 votes)
Cafe Milan (4 votes)
Rutt’s Cafe (3 votes)
Cafe Buna (3 votes)
Killer Cafe (2 votes)
C&M Cafe (bonus focus on clean eating) (3 votes)
Panini Cafe (Playa Vista)
Gjelina (Venice)


Cafe Solar (9 votes)
Coffee Company (11 votes)
Classic Grill (2 votes)
Dinah’s Family Restaurant
Pann’s (2 votes)
Good Pizza (2 votes)
Truxton’s (5 votes)
Bay Club Health Cafe

El Segundo/Manhattan Beach

Wendy’s Place Cafe
The Local Yolk (2 votes)
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House (2 votes)
Four Daughters (3 votes)
Good Stuff Restaurant (3 votes)
El Segundo Beach Cafe
Main Street Cafe

Culver City

Cafe Laurent
Sage Vegan Bistro
S&W Country Diner

Don’t see your favorite on the list? By all means, tell us about it in the comments!