90045 Communities



West of Lincoln

Westbluff was developed in the early 2000’s and is a collection of newer construction single family homes in the $2M+ range. There is an HOA and the neighborhood has a little pocket park.

West Westchester

West of Lincoln

West Westchester is generally 1980’s construction with larger houses on their lots, resulting in smaller yards and structures closer together.

Loyola Village

East of Lincoln

Loyola Village is the community directly adjacent to LMU. The lots are smaller. Loyola Village is home to Loyola Blvd., the venue each year for our annual 4th of July Parade.


Between Georgetown/Sepulveda & North of Manchester

Kentwood is the biggest of our communities with approximately 3400 properties and has the distinction of having “Little Vons” and other small businesses in the heart of it at 80th St/Emerson. Kentwood also has an active HOA.

Emerson Manor

West of Sepulveda, south of Manchester

Emerson Manor is comprised of smaller lots, but is walking distance to Trader Joe’s and other amenities.

Westport Heights

East of Sepulveda

Westport Heights is a community of lovely, tree-lined windy streets. Some of our community’s largest lots are in Westport Heights.


East of La Tijera

Osage is our most easterly community and is closer to the 405. Properties are very reasonably priced, but the streets are super cute. Even the streets closest to the 405 are worth a look because you don’t really hear the highway.

Westchester Nielsen

East of La Tijera, South of Manchester

Westchester Nielsen is a little pocket of Westchester situated around the Carl E Nielsen Youth Park.

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