Our Neighbor To The North – LMU

90045 Neighbor Loyola Marymount University

90045 neighbor Loyola Marymount University is due North of Loyola Village and northwest of Kentwood in Westchester CA 90045. LMU offers a variety of activities on campus for the surrounding community. Bookmark the handy map at the bottom of this page for your next visit.

Sometimes college students and families conflict in a residential setting. Students are expected by the University to act in accordance with this set of Community Standards. See page 44 specifically for expectations regarding 90045 neighbors and other off-campus conduct. You can read more about LMU and its interaction with our neighborhood, including how to report student misconduct here.

LMU’s Children’s Center is popular with 90045 families with small children. The program provides programs for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The waiting list is long, so apply early. One way to try the program out is their Summer Program, which is easier to get into. From their website:

Our curriculum is focused on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the whole child. LMUCC curriculum is based on a child-centered environment that trusts children to learn at their own pace. We strive to provide an exciting learning environment with opportunities for exploration, discovery, challenge and accomplishment. The curriculum is based on the process of interacting with materials, environment and peers, and not on the product of that interaction. Children are provided with several activities to choose from each day and a wide variety of activities are available throughout the week – from art to music, from learning about health to exercise. We strive to build a learning community where children share explorations with adults, peers and younger and older children.

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90045 neighbor LMU