ROC Comes To Playa Vista

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Chinese Dumplings in Playa Vista

Finally, a good Chinese restaurant near us! ROC stands for Republic of China and it’s located in the uber trendy Runway at Playa Vista across from Whole Foods. If you like dumplings, you will love this place.

ROC near Westchester 90045I tried the pork and chicken shanghai soup dumplings and they were amazing. My son even gave me a lesson in the proper way to eat a soup dumpling (who knew?). Step 1: using your chopsticks, place the dumpling on your soup spoon. Step 2: poke a hole in the top of the dumpling ever so delicately. Step 3: turn the dumpling over to drain the soup into the spoon. Step 4: eat the dumpling. Step 5: slurp the yummy soup broth up.

roc-pancakesThe back of the menu also has a “recommended technique on eating soup dumplings.” I also tried the scallion pancake with ginger soy dipping sauce. I could eat these all day, they were so good. I also had a taste of the beef roll with cucumbers, green onions and cilantro. It had a nice brisket-like texture and the cucumber added a nice freshness.

roc-pv-exteriorROC’s decor is modern and industrial, with exposed pipes and ducts on the ceiling and a huge open kitchen. If you are in the mood for Chinese food, this one is definitely worth checking out!

photo credits to Janet Cardona

Plant Food + Wine – Vegan In Our Backyard

Plant Food + WineThis week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Janet Cardona. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

I finally tried this vegan restaurant at the end of Abbot Kinney for brunch last Sunday and was floored at how flavorful and delicious the dishes were.  I tried some of their most popular dishes including the polenta scramble, ginger compressed peach salad, black bean bowl, magic myrna potato bowl and ice cream sandwich.

Plant Food + WineThe polenta scramble with wild mushrooms and sweet potato hash was super creamy and full of flavor.  The peaches in the ginger compressed peach salad were so sweet and fresh like they were just picked that morning.  The black bean bowl packed a lot of flavor with the fluffy rice and guacamole.

The magic myrna potato bowl was my favorite.  The potatoes were sweet and bought locally from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and the harissa sauce added an amazing, unexpected edge.  For dessert, a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  The cookie was the perfect mix of salty and sweet and the cashew milk ice cream was creamy and delicious!  My family and I found ourselves going “mmmm” after every bite.

Plant Food + WineIf you want to book an intimate gathering, they have a private wine room on the outside patio that serves organic wine.  They also have a cooking school upstairs if you are interested in learning some raw and vegan cooking skills.

We sat on the outdoor patio and it felt like we were on vacation in the South of France, surrounded by olive and fig trees, herb gardens, flowers and rustic, wooden tables.  Inside is just as beautiful, with French Oak floors, marble tables and a cozy fireplace.  The patio is probably gorgeous at night, with the twinkling lights throughout the trees.  This place wins for best ambiance.  I will be booking my dinner reservation soon!

Taj India Palace – A Tasty Gem In Westchester

taj india palace westchester 90045This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Janet Cardona. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

You can’t spend half of your life living in Los Angeles, without having discovered the tasty “Gem of Westchester”!  Tucked in the corner of a mini-mall on Lincoln Blvd, Taj India Palace makes you want to book a family trip to India, in hopes of finding the same amount of flavor that this small family-owned restaurant offers.

Some of my favorite dishes include the chicken tikka masala, saag aloo and naan.  The chicken tikka masala is a dream come true, with a creamy curry sauce and the perfect amount of spice.

taj india palace Westchester 90045The saag alu sends your taste buds flying!  It’s a spinach and potato dish garnished with fresh herbs that pairs perfectly with the fluffy naan bread.  If you are vegetarian, try the tofu tikka masala over plain basmati rice and the vegetable samosa.

The ambiance is casual yet romantic – perfect for date night!  The owner is charming and friendly and knows you by name.  They also have a wide variety of tasty dishes offered at the daily, lunch-buffet for only $9.95!  I highly recommend this restaurant!

Taj India Palace is located at 8320 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester, CA. The restaurant’s operating hours are Monday through Sunday, 11 am to 10:30 pm. Find Taj India Palace on the web at

Photo credits to Taj India Palace

taj india palace westchester 90045