Last Chance To Request Your Neighborhood Council Ballot

It’s such a bummer that the City of LA is making it so very hard to get a ballot for this year’s Neighborhood Council election.

Especially in a year when so many of our local issues are so hotly contested.

When I (a pretty darned sophisticated techie) had an extremely difficult time requesting my ballot through the online portal, I vowed to help as many neighbors as possible get their ballots.

I’ve been posting on social media regularly. Heck, I even dusted off my outside clothes and sat with a friend in Kentwood to help neighbors in person.

Now, we’re at the end of the road on ballot requests.

Today is your last chance and 5 pm is your cut off. 😳

Here is the easiest way I’ve found to get a ballot:

  • Download this application
  • Print everything super, duper clearly – there is no time left for clarifications later
  • You should indicate “Westchester/Playa” as the election you wish to vote in
  • Mark yourself as a “resident” only, even if you own property (trust me on this – you don’t get any special status as a property owner and they will require additional documentation to prove your ownership)
  • Sign the document and date it
  • Take a photo of your drivers license if it has your Westchester/Playa address on it, or something else with your address + your photo ID
  • Email the application and proof of residency or employment to (make sure to include the “dot” after clerk)

Make sure you complete all of this well ahead of the 5 pm rush. 😁

Want to know who we’re voting for at my house? Message me privately.

Are You Following SB 1120, The Backyard Killer? It’s About To Become Law

Are you following SB 1120? It originally passed out of the State Senate and then started making its way through the Assembly. Last week it passed out of its last Assembly Committee (thankfully, SB 902 died in that committee) and it’s headed for a vote on the floor. With only 9 days left in this session, the vote will happen imminently.

Last Saturday, our neighbors in South LA held a very passionate town hall about this family wealth killing bill. It’s worth 90 minutes of your time to watch the whole video, but absolutely do not miss John Gonzalez’s presentation at the 4:35 minute mark where he explains the bill and shows very dramatic photos of what the result will look like.

Watch the video and email our Assemblywoman, Autumn Burke, to ask her to oppose the bill. Many of our legislators are uninformed about the details of a series of horrible bills that came out of the uber horrible SB 50 we managed to kill last year, and drinking the kool-aid that these bills will help our affordable housing crisis.

This bill will not help our affordable housing crisis. It is solely for luxury units that nobody wants, like the apartments at La Tijera and Sepulveda Eastway that killed our neighbors’ values on Kittyhawk and now they are advertising 8 free weeks of rent.

Don’t kid yourself that it’s about COVID. I sell real estate. People are moving right now. Nobody wants those units.

Email Autumn Burke at and/or call her at (310) 412-6400.

This is mission critical unless you happen to like what happened on Kittyhawk. Drive by. It’s WORSE than the photos show.

Click below for the town hall video, conveniently set to start at John’s presentation. 😎

LAPD Senior Lead Officers

Do you know about LAPD’s Senior Lead Officer program?

SLO’s are our community interface with LAPD. They have the ability to call in reinforcements when needed, as our SLO did a few years ago when her area (Sepulveda west to the Ocean) experienced an uptick in thefts from vehicles. She asked for support and all available resources from Pacific Division spent an entire night‐time shift in our area.

If you experience a crime, the SLO’s want you to call 911 for emergencies and 877.ASK.LAPD for non‐emergencies, but to please keep them in the loop by sending an email to let them know what happened. Sophie’s email address is

Below is the most recent map of SLO’s for Pacific Division. Sophie Castenada is our long-time SLO and she is very familiar with our community. Please loop her in on any police activity you become aware of. Click the image for a larger view.

Trunk or Treat!!

Come out Friday night from 5pm to 8 pm for St. Jerome School’s Trunk or Treat event!

Haunted house, check! Candy and prizes, check! Fun for the whole family.

Big Changes At LAX

Have you heard? LAX is jumping headlong into its modernization project ahead of the Olympics and big changes start before the end of this month.

LAX-it (pronounced LA Exit) is the catchy new name for the new pick up area for taxis and other “ride app” services starting October 29th. Dropoffs will continue to be on the upper/departures level in the horseshoe.

The stated reason to keep taxis and app services out of the “Central Terminal Area” (“CTA”) horseshoe is to address traffic generally until other modernization updates can take that burden. Additionally, construction in the CTA is expected to further congest the area.

For more information and a countdown timer, go here. This page also has an interactive map for each terminal that shows you where to catch your shuttle and how long it will take.

There will also be restrooms, food trucks and charging stations where the shuttle drops you off for the taxis and ride app services.

Other changes to getting in and out of LAX are summarized in the handy cheat sheet below.

LAX is “flipping” curbs


PLUC Meeting On Tuesday, 10/15

Our Neighborhood Council’s Planning & Land Use Committee (“PLUC”) is having its monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 15th.

Two important issues are on the agenda.

First is further discussion about LMU’s proposed Master Plan Amendment. PLUC was very hard on them last time they appeared. If you want to see what the hard questions about this project look like, attend the meeting.

NC PLUC Meeting is next Tuesday, October 15th in the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room at 7166 W Manchester Avenue. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

Also on the agenda is a presentation by a group seeking to add a preschool at the Methodist Church on Emerson Ave, across from Orville Wright, in the heart of Kentwood. Our understanding is that this project comes up for City approval soon, so if you want to better understand this project and share concerns and/or support with the City, you won’t want to miss the PLUC meeting.

Find the PLUC agenda here. Relevant PDFs are attached at the bottom of the agenda.

Come out and see what’s being built in our community.