Big Weekend In LMU Baseball Ranks The Lions Nationally

Pitcher Cory Abbott Snags His Second National Pitcher of the Week Award Over The Weekend

LMU had an eventful few days this weekend, with their last home series against the University of San Diego Toreros.

USD had proven to be a difficult competitor to its previous opponents, entering the series with a 27-12 overall record.

The Toreros held a first place spot in the conference for several weeks, before falling to fourth when Brigham Young took their series last week.

USD took game one on Friday night with a total of 19 hits, five of which were home runs. The lead traded back and forth almost every inning, with the Lions leading 10-7 going into the ninth inning. However, a solo homer and 1-out single off Codie Paiva opened up the top of the ninth, putting the score at 10-8.

The Lions fought back, working to two outs with 1 on. Down to the last strike, Torero player Chris McCready launched a go ahead homer, which ultimately sunk the Lions.

Having dropped the series opener, LMU found itself in a three way tie for 2nd place with USD and Gonzaga. Going into Saturday’s game, they hoped to even the series and establish their place in the rankings. Junior ace Cory Abbott took the mound, throwing another beautiful game in what seems to be becoming a weekly show. In the first 6 innings, Abbott didn’t allow a hit, let alone a run.

After 8 innings, Abbott allowed only 3 unearned runs on three hits, and struck out a career high 15 batters. He is only one strikeout away from the school all-time record of most in one game, set at 16 in 1996. Abbott’s record is now 9-1, and leads the entire country in wins.

This win gave Abbott his third WCC Pitcher of the Week title, and second national Pitcher of the Week award. Offensively, the Lions were just as hot, logging 10 runs on 14 hits. 7 of those runs came in one inning alone. Six Lions had multi-hit games, including Billy Wilson’s third homer of the season.

With the upset of the Toreros on Saturday, the three-way tie for 2nd place was broken. Gonzaga lost as well, and BYU hasn’t played quite as many games on the season, putting LMU in sole possession of the #2 spot. Sending Blake Redman to the hill, and hoping the momentum would carry over to Sunday, the Lions aimed to break the series tie. Though USD struck first, LMU rallied, scoring 6 runs with a walk, a balk, a passed ball, a hit-by-pitch, and two singles from Spencer Erdman to seal the series.

With the series win, LMU is nationally ranked for the first time this season. The Lions hope to hold onto or move up from #23 in the country. Sunday’s victory marked win #30 for the Lions. They are currently the only team in the WCC to amass 30 wins so far. The Lions are expected not only to reach the WCC Championships later this month, but hope to advance past them.

Whether the team can make it all the way to Omaha for the College World Series has yet to be revealed, but the team and their fans are optimistic for their success. LMU is still undefeated in weekend series, improving to 10-0-1.

For many of the Lions, this was their last home game at LMU in their collegiate careers. With a graduating class of 11, the seniors were celebrated before Sunday’s game with a small ceremony, photos and, of course, the 6-3 series win.

LMU does not have any games this week, due to finals and graduation. Their next game comes on May 9th, when they play UC Riverside. They play CSU Bakersfield the next day, May 10th. The biggest road series of the season comes when they face the Gonzaga Bulldogs in Spokane, WA starting on May 12. All away games can be streamed for free online through

Please Tell The County We Need A Safe Parking Program

Photo courtesy of The LA Times. Click the photo for the source article.

Comments to the County are due by Monday. I’ve made it super simple to comment by sharing the link and a proposed comment for you below.

As you might know, the City was sued a few years ago by a group of homeless people who had been prosecuted under the City’s “no vehicle dwelling law.” The 9th Circuit (one step below the Supreme Court) said that our law was vague and unconstitutional and the City paid out $1.1 million to the attorneys as a result of losing that lawsuit.

The Court basically told the City how to fix the law, but the City was gun-shy and did nothing for several years. The ultimate response by the City was LAMC 85.02 with the map that we’ve all heard about. 85.02 became effective in January 2017 and enforcement was supposed to start in February.

Fast forward a few months and 85.02 is still not being enforced! The RV problem is getting worse everyday in 90045/PdR. If you look at the map, Manchester from Sepulveda to the beach is either red or yellow. Red is no parking ever, and yellow is no overnight parking. People are counting RVs parked on Manchester in the double digits and those rigs aren’t moving (violations of both 85.02 and parking laws against parking longer than 72 hours in one place).

One of the issues raised in the civil rights lawsuit was that the City shouldn’t be prosecuting people for being homeless. This is still a conundrum under the new law and possibly why the new law isn’t being enforced (along with, apparently, the problem of having to enforce in person with RV dwellers simply not answering the door).

One of the suggestions that I learned about when I attended a homelessness forum last year was to offer Safe Parking to the RVs in exchange for a promise to get on a City-sponsored path to housing. If a vehicle dweller (lots of people are living in cars, as well as RVs) doesn’t agree to the offer, they can be legally removed from our streets. That is, they are not being prosecuted for being homeless because homeless people will agree to the City’s offer of housing help (not 100% true, but we’ll leave that part of the discussion for another day).

Thus, having a safe parking alternative for the homeless RVers gives law enforcement the ability to run everybody else out. Presumably, this solves the issue of the rolling crime scenes posed by other RVs, as well as the lifestylers who want to live in our beach community without paying taxes or for services.

It’s a fair and legally enforceable solution.

So today I saw on NextDoor that Los Angeles County officials are seeking public comment on the preliminary spending proposal for the estimated $355 million to come annually from the Measure H sales tax increase approved by voters in March to reduce homelessness. Possibly it isn’t on their radar because the Safe Parking proposal is a City idea, but I’m bothered that the County isn’t allocating any of the money that I’m paying and that I voted to support to a solution that gets rid of the RV’s.

The Safe Parking Program is the solution we need.

I’m asking everybody to take one minute to register a comment with the County right now. Here is the link to submit comments.

Feel free to cut and paste the comment that I left at the bottom in the General Comments section:

Where is the money for a Safe Parking Program? We need to immediately start separating the RV’ers on our streets who need housing assistance from the rolling criminal enterprises. This is critical and glaringly absent from what I see above. Please, please allocate some of the Measure H money to this important initiative.

The “above” reference is my comment refers to all the categories of $ allocations that you’ll see on the form before you get to the General Comments section. Here is the link again to submit comments.

Please take two seconds right now to click that link and leave that or another comment asking for an allocation for Safe Parking so that we can start cleaning up the criminals and lifestylers. And then, take another minute and share this post with 10 friends. Even easier, post a link to this article on your Facebook page. Comments are due Monday by 5 pm. 

LMU’s Baseball Team Enjoyed A Big Weekend

Pitcher Harrison Simon Pitches The Win To Complete The Sweep

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

To me, there’s truly no better way to spend a weekend than watching baseball. Others would argue that a day or two at the beach is the way to go. Here in Southern California, we’re pretty lucky that we can pick one or the other, or both, pretty much all year round.

This past weekend, I got to spend a couple of days watching LMU play rival Pepperdine. Though I’m undeniably biased when it comes to LMU and Pepperdine, spending the day in the Malibu hills is not a bad option. Sitting in the sun, watching the ocean over the left field fence, enjoying the endless expanse of green grass and blue sky, it seems idyllic. Almost too good to be true.

In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, another bonus for the weekend was watching LMU win all three games against the Waves. The two teams, historic cross-town rivals, competed for points in this year’s PCH Cup. The Cup was formed as a way to keep track of the outcomes of LMU/Pepperdine matchups in their twelve sports. The Cup boosts the rivalry between the schools, while keeping track of the points accumulated throughout the year at each event. Because each sport has a distinct season of play, points are gained towards the PCH Cup throughout the entire school year. This series in baseball, and the West Coast Conference golf tournament this weekend, wrapped up the Cup for this year, with LMU winning 12 points to 9.5.

Aside from the importance of a series win over conference opponent and rival, the Waves sweep was especially sweet as it marked the Lions second sweep of the season, and continued their undefeated series streak. LMU hasn’t dropped a single series this season, posting a record of 9-0-1. LMU is now 27-13, and sits atop the WCC standings. Not bad for a team projected to finish the season 7th out of ten!

LMU’s pitching stayed strong throughout the weekend, much like they have all season. Even a rotation switch couldn’t stop them from dominating on the mound. Brenton Arriaga, starting a series opener for the first time in his career, pitched over 5 innings and allowed just three runs and five hits to move his record to 5-1 with the win. Codie Paiva came in for the final 3.2 scoreless frames, collecting a pair of strikeouts and his second save of the year along the way.

On Saturday, ace Cory Abbott took the hill, throwing six innings, with 1 run, 4 hits, 11 strikeouts and a single walk. Abbott’s record streak for innings pitched without an earned run came to an end, with the final count at 43 innings. He retired 14 straight Pepperdine batters between the first and sixth innings, and sat down nine of those 14 with strikeouts. Abbott is now 8-1 with the win, and has the best record on the team. Ted Boeke and Braydon Salzman contributed the last 3 innings, and didn’t allow a run, allowing the Lions to capture the series with Saturday’s score of 5-1.

Anyone who follows baseball regularly knows that circumstances change quickly, and that it really isn’t over until it’s over. LMU had been tied for first several weeks ago, but had fallen to third. Following Saturday’s win, the Lions once again found themselves topping the WCC standings, this time sharing the spot with the Gonzaga Bulldogs. In a surprise upset by Brigham Young, USD had fallen from first to fourth in a matter of two games. Heading into Sunday’s game, LMU looked to hold onto their spot, as those below them fought to move up.

Blake Redman, a senior pitcher whose usual spot is on Friday nights, got the start on Sunday. He was given a no decision, however, after allowing two runs on eight hits, striking out seven, and giving up one walk. The winning pitcher, Harrison Simon, threw 2 scoreless innings, while only giving up 2 hits. After the Lions broke a 2-2 tie with two runs in the ninth, Codie Paiva had the chance to shut the door on the Waves once again. He pitched a 1-2-3 inning for a quick victory, earning his third save of the year.

Though the series finished with an astounding 59 hits between the two teams, it was remarkably hard for either team to score. Not a show of power by any means, both the Waves and Lions sought to get on base with singles. Only four extra base hits were achieved throughout the whole weekend. Perhaps it was Pepperdine’s stadium itself, a pitcher’s park with much more foul territory than usual. Even with the extra room for the fielders to run down the balls, plenty went over the net into the stands or the surrounding hills. It was pretty funny to look up occasionally to see a Pepperdine bench player on the hill nearby, rooting through the shrubbery for a ball.

Rivalry aside, Pepperdine was a great place to watch a game. Though the stadium is open with very, very little shade, the atmosphere was incredible. From the games and giveaways hosted by the athletics department, to the views, to the plays being made on the field, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. For games and giveaways, I highly recommend the baseball bingo promotion. You check off boxes based on what happens in the game for the chance to win a prize. The scavenger hunt, where you look in your pockets and bags to find common objects like quarters, hats, sunscreen and bags of sunflower seeds was also a big hit.

LMU returns home to face the USD Toreros this coming weekend. USD has proven to be the most difficult team in the conference to beat this year, so a victory for the Lions would be exciting as well as important. Nearing the end of the season, a series like that could prove to be pivotal. See you there? Ticket information here.

Update From Our LMU Lions Baseball Reporter

This week Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

LMU Lions Pitcher Codie Paiva

LMU just completed its 8th weekend series this season, against conference opponent Santa Clara. The Lions remain unbeaten in series play, putting their record at 7-0-1. The Lions looked to extend their historic win streak to nine games, but came up short with a 10-3 loss in the Friday night opener. However, they recovered, winning the last two games of the series.

Friday starter Blake Redman opened the series on a flat note, allowing 4 runs in the first, 3 unearned. Lions pitching came on strong on both Saturday and Sunday, though. On Saturday, Brenton Arriaga gave up only 2 runs and 4 hits in seven innings of work. He struck out six and issued zero walks. Harrison Simon sealed the win with 1 run, 2 hits, 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. Carrying a shutout into the ninth on Sunday, pitchers Cory Abbott and Codie Paiva allowed only 1 run and 8 hits. Abbott is now 6-1, with over 29 consecutive innings without an earned run. Paiva shut down the Broncos, allowing only 3 hits and one unearned run. Though he did not get the save, Codie Paiva’s record is 5-0. Paiva, a native of Pearl City, Hawaii, gave up one hit to former teammate Tyler Meditz. Both attended Kamehameha HS in Hawaii.

Lions offense impressed, scoring 21 runs over the four day stretch. Shortstop Spencer Erdman returned after breaking his hand during the series against Arizona State. He made his comeback by starting all three games against Santa Clara, and hitting two singles and two RBI doubles throughout the weekend. After taking the series against the Broncos, the Lions returned to action on Monday night to face the #30 ranked University of Washington Huskies. The game could have gone the Lions’ way, but after 10 innings, the Lions fell 8-7. While the game had some dramatic moments, it was also the longest of the season, clocking in at 4 hours and 29 minutes.

On Monday, the Lions got off to a rocky start, allowing 4 total runs in the first, 3 unearned, and committing three errors before even coming up to bat. LMU used six pitchers in the outing. Freshman Giuseppe Benedetti started the night, but was pulled after 4 innings. Harrison Simon threw scoreless eighth and ninth innings on only one day rest, but could not close the door on the Huskies. The loss goes to Niko Decolati, who drops to 1-1.

The lead traded back and forth for much of the game, but the damage was done in the fifth when Huskie batter MJ Hubbs crushed a two-run homer to tie the game at 6. Each team scored one more run, forcing extra innings at 7 runs apiece. In the bottom of the tenth, LMU had two runners on base with one out when a hard hit ball from catcher Cooper Uhl came close to providing the Lions’ 4th walk-off win. The ball dropped just inside the fence, however, for the second out. Billy Wilson grounded out to second base to end the game. Spencer Erdman finished the game 3-for-5 with two runs scored, two doubles, a triple and four RBI’s. Junior Jamey Smart also had three hits, going 3-for-5 with a double.
LMU’s record is now 21-12. They are currently behind the University of San Diego for third place in the WCC.

The Lions will head up to Moraga, CA, for another weekend of WCC play against St. Mary’s, before returning on Tuesday to face non-conference Cal State Northridge. Tuesday’s game had been rescheduled from March 21st because of a rainout. First pitch is at 6:00 PM. See you there?

LMU’s Baseball Team Is Enjoying A Historic Season

Third Baseman Brandon Shearer hits a sacrifice fly on Tuesday night, allowing LMU to score the winning run and record a walk-off win.

This week Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on why more people should go to the Loyola Marymount (LMU) baseball games. If anything, that list has only grown since the start of the season.

I know how excited everyone is for the start of the MLB season. I feel the same way. Long, cold months without baseball and actually having to do work instead of watch a game is pretty tortuous. It seems like forever since Major League Baseball was upon us, but now it’s back. If you can’t make it to see your favorite pro team, and even if you can, here are just a few reasons to come out to watch the Lions.

2017 is shaping up to be quite a historic season. At the beginning of the year, LMU beat Arizona State for the first time in 21 years. Pitcher Cory Abbott recorded the first perfect game in LMU school history against BYU. The Lions swept a series for the first time this weekend against West Coast Conference opponent, University of the Pacific. In fact, the Lions have won almost every weekend series they’ve played, going 6-0-1.

They are currently on a hot streak, with a 19-10 record. The Lions won 8 games in a row for the first time since 2009. LMU holds a firm second place in the WCC, with a 6-2 conference record. If they hold on to one of the top four spots in the conference, the Lions will advance to the WCC tournament after the regular season. The tournament in its current form has taken place since 2013, and LMU has gone twice since then.

LMU hitting has really impressed, as well. In the last few games, LMU has dominated with 2 grand slams, back to back home runs, and Billy Wilson’s trio of triples in as many days. Perhaps even more impressive than his hitting is Wilson’s speed around the bases, scoring from first twice this week, and leading the WCC in stolen bases.

On top of all this, LMU has walked-off three times this season, including last weekend against Pacific and Tuesday versus non-conference opponent UC Riverside.

The chemistry on the team is magical. The Lions are having fun and playing their best – and it shows. History is in the making. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

The Lions hope to extend their streak as conference play resumes when the Santa Clara Broncos visit the Lions at home this weekend.

Learn more about LMU baseball’s schedule and news here.

LMU Pitcher Makes School History

photo credit Nina Galanti

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

History was made on Saturday as LMU pitcher Cory Abbott retired 27 consecutive batters to record the first perfect game in school history.

In the final game versus conference rival Brigham Young University (BYU), the Lions looked to top the Cougars in a series for the first time in almost four years. Saturday was the rubber match between the two teams, and LMU certainly delivered.

The game was tied at zero for the first five and a half innings, with Phil Caulfield and Niko Decolati picking up two hits apiece. Though LMU’s hitting was able to score two runs, the focus of the game was on the pitchers.

Junior Cory Abbott threw the first perfect game in the history of LMU’s program, and only the third no-hitter. The last time the Lions no-hit an opponent, it was from current pitching coach Matt Florer in 2013. This was the 26th perfect game in NCAA history.

Abbott shut down BYU’s offense with 13 strikeouts and only 106 pitches. Of those 106 pitches, 79 were strikes. Only four batters drew three balls from Abbott.

This win was especially sweet after seeing the power and capability of BYU’s hitters. The Cougars picked up 10 hits on both the Thursday and Friday outings.

Cory Abbott was named collegiate baseball’s national player of the week. LMU also swept Rawlings’ pitcher and player of the week, with Abbott and Phil Caulfield snagging the honors.

Abbott’s record now improves to 4-1. The Lions now have a 13-10 overall record, and a 4-2 record in conference play.

The Lions take a break from WCC action as they face UC Irvine away this Tuesday. They return home to play conference opponent Pacific this weekend, with games on Friday and Saturday at 6:00 pm, and a game on Sunday with a 1:00 pm start.

For ticket and schedule information, go here.

An Update From Our Roving LMU Baseball Reporter

LMU Lion Billy Wilson

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

The Lions began conference play last weekend with a three game series against the University of San Francisco Dons. This marked the fifth series of the season, and the fourth the Lions have won.

LMU has taken almost every series so far, the exception being a split four game series against Washington State. Though the Lions have not swept an opponent, they have not yet dropped a weekend series.

The Lions put on a show before heading up to San Francisco, topping USC 4-3 with a walk-off homer from Billy Wilson in the bottom of the 10th. What a way to head into conference play.

LMU continued to impress, as a grand slam from Brandon Shearer on Friday gave the Lions an early lead over USF. However, the Dons retaliated with their own slam on Saturday, breaking up a scoreless game in the bottom of the ninth. The Lions recovered on Sunday afternoon, with a 3-2 victory. The Lions now have a winning record of 11-9 overall, and 2-1 record in West Coast Conference (WCC) play. The Lions currently stand third in the WCC.

Though LMU was slated to face the Cal State Northridge Matadors on Tuesday, the game was canceled due to rain. The two teams will make up that game on April 18th, but first the Lions will take on BYU Thursday-Saturday for three more games of WCC action. The first pitch on Thursday and Friday is at 6:00 pm, with a 1:00 pm start on Saturday.  You can find ticket and schedule information here.

I hope to see you at a game.  Go Lions!

It’s Baseball Season At LMU

This week Team Living90045 welcomes a guest post from Catherine Galanti. Would you like to write for us? More info here.

LMU Baseball 2017 Living90045Major League Baseball is almost here. The teams have reported to spring training, and it’s only a matter of weeks before Opening Day. Here in LA, we’re pretty lucky to have two MLB teams. You can pick who to follow, but it’s often difficult to see a game in person. What if you can’t make it out to Arizona for spring training? Who wants to struggle through traffic to get to Dodger Stadium, or make the trek to Anaheim to catch an Angels game?

Why not take advantage of the baseball program that’s right in our own back yard? Loyola Marymount (LMU) baseball offers a local alternative, with all the fun of a big league game. You get awesome games without the stress of crawling along the 10 or the 5. Don’t miss out on a hidden gem … a diamond, if you will. 😉

LMU games are a great way to experience Division 1 baseball. Not only is the team hardworking and fun to watch, this year they play teams like USC, UC Santa Barbara, Michigan and conference rival, Pepperdine. Seeing a game at LMU is also a great opportunity to watch college players before they get drafted to MLB teams. In the last five years, LMU has had 11 players drafted into major league organizations, with a total of 111 in the program’s history. Among those, 21 players have made it to the majors.

One of the more recent Lions, David Fletcher, was drafted as a sophomore by the Angels in 2015. Fletcher is working his way through the minor leagues, with an invite to Spring Training this year. He is currently listed as the Angel’s no. 8 prospect and is expected to make his major league debut next year.

Two Lions were drafted last season. 2016’s ace pitcher, junior J.D. Busfield, went to the Tampa Bay Rays in the 7th round as the 210th pick overall. Catcher Cassidy Brown was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 12th round as the 348th pick. Pitcher Michael Silva went undrafted, but signed with the Kansas City Royals as a free agent. It will be fun to follow them and future Lion players as they begin their professional careers. Watching LMU baseball is an opportunity to witness and get to know the future of professional baseball.

LMU’s George Page Stadium has a seating capacity of 1,000 and I have to say that there’s not a bad seat in the ballpark. You’ll get a great view of the game, closer than any of what you could get at a Major League park. There are a variety of activities for kids to participate in like the popular Frozen T-Shirt Race and Steal Third Base Contest, along with the Dizzy Bat Challenge. Local businesses like Tony P’s, Tower Pizza and Togo’s are big supporters of the team and frequently give away gift cards as prizes. How awesome is that?

In case all this isn’t enough, adult single game tickets are only about $8, and season tickets cost $40-$80. You certainly don’t find season ticket prices like that in the MLB. For the kids, the Little Lions Club only costs $20, and gives admission to all home baseball games, along with other special events. The Little Lions Club also offers a range of games, summer camp discounts, and more. Get ticket information here.

The Lions’ next home game is this Wednesday, March 1st at 6:00 PM. They play Michigan for one game before an away series at Arizona State University this weekend. Coming back from that series, the Lions will return to Page Stadium Tuesday, March 7th to face UC Irvine. Get the full schedule here.

If you’re a baseball fan and live in Westchester, Playa del Rey, the Marina or surrounding areas, it’s totally worth it to come out with the family. It’s cheap. It’s fun. You’ll get to watch quality collegiate baseball. Come over and watch a game or two. The team will love the support.

Follow the Lions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @lmulions. I hope to see you at a game. Go, Lions!

90045 Weekend Calendar – 8 Fun Things To Do

Events for January 14, 2017 on our 90045 Weekend Calendar

Here is what’s on the 90045 Weekend Calendar for this weekend:

9:00 AM

Playa Vista Farmers Market

January 14 @ 9:00 am2:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Playa Vista Farmers’ Market, 12775 W Millennium Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094 United States

The Playa Vista Farmers Market was started in 2009 with a vision to create a better “farmer first” market. This market was recently honored to be named one of the three Best of the Westside farmers markets by Argonaut News. Located at Runway Playa Vista on Runway Blvd & Town Center Drive and adjacent to Whole

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10:00 AM

ICE at Santa Monica

January 14 @ 10:00 am10:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)

ICE at Santa Monica returns November 3, 2016 through January 16, 2017. Open Daily. Every holiday season, Downtown Santa Monica brings a little ice skating to the beachside community and transforms the corner of 5th Street and Arizona Avenue into ICE at Santa Monica, a premier outdoor ice skating rink. The 8,000 square foot rink by

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11:00 AM

Pershing Square Ice Skating

January 14 @ 11:00 am11:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Pershing Square, 532 South Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 United States

Glide into the holidays and join us for ice skating in Pershing Square! The Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square presented by Bai offers the quintessential winter activity in the heart of beautiful downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by art, lively activity and the impressive city skyline, our outdoor ice rink lets you enjoy entertainment and ice

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7:00 PM

LA Kings Vs. Winnipeg Jets

January 14 @ 7:00 pm9:00 pm UTC-7
Staples Center, 1111 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90015 United States

Purchase tickets here. Source:

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8:00 PM

The King & I At The Pantages

January 14 @ 8:00 pm9:30 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Hollywood Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States

One of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s finest works, THE KING AND I boasts a score which features such beloved classics as, “Getting To Know You,” “I Whistle a Happy Tune,” “Hello Young Lovers,” “Shall We Dance” and “Something Wonderful. ”Set in 1860’s Bangkok, the musical tells the story of the unconventional and tempestuous relationship that develops

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Events for January 15, 2017 on our 90045 Weekend Calendar

8:00 AM

Sunday Westchester Farmers Market

January 15 @ 8:00 am1:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Westchester Triangle, 6200 W. 87th Street
Westchester, CA 90045 United States

The Sunday Westchester Farmers Market is an expansion of the long running Wednesday Westchester Farmers Market and offers a mix of farmers, ranchers and specialty growers, along with food purveyors and artisans.

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10:00 AM

ICE at Santa Monica

January 15 @ 10:00 am10:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)

ICE at Santa Monica returns November 3, 2016 through January 16, 2017. Open Daily. Every holiday season, Downtown Santa Monica brings a little ice skating to the beachside community and transforms the corner of 5th Street and Arizona Avenue into ICE at Santa Monica, a premier outdoor ice skating rink. The 8,000 square foot rink by

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11:00 AM

Lakeshore Free Crafts for Kids

January 15 @ 11:00 am3:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Lakeshore, 8888 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034 United States

Free crafts for kids. No reservations necessary. Ages 3 & up. Click here for the schedule of crafts.

Find out more »

Pershing Square Ice Skating

January 15 @ 11:00 am11:00 pm UTC-7

|Recurring Event (See all)
Pershing Square, 532 South Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013 United States

Glide into the holidays and join us for ice skating in Pershing Square! The Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square presented by Bai offers the quintessential winter activity in the heart of beautiful downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by art, lively activity and the impressive city skyline, our outdoor ice rink lets you enjoy entertainment and ice

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❤ Westchester Weekly – December 18, 2016 ❤

The Westchester Weekly – your weekly round-up
of news for Westchester Families

Here’s your weekly recap of what’s new and notable in Westchester 90045! - Westchester CA up close & personal

Happy Sunday!

LAUSD voted this week to approve the new Middle School program to co-locate at Westchester High School and our kids are not invited. Boo! Not only did LAUSD refuse to acknowledge requests from our community to increase the size of the program, the school board also made a last minute revision to the Tier 2 enrollment priority (where our local kids are) to add Windsor Hills and View Park students. Sigh. Stay tuned for January, when you’ll start hearing more about a promising candidate to unseat Steve Zimmer as our school board representative.

And on to something decidedly more upbeat, Happy Holidays from me, my family and the crew at Living90045! We wish you all the things you hold dear for the season. We’re taking next weekend off to enjoy some family time and we’ll “see” you in the New Year!

Meanwhile, as you figure out what to do with the kids and out of town guests this season, don’t forget to check out our 90045 calendar of events. We listed 38 activities for this weekend alone!

Here are links to a couple of news items that caught our eye this week:

Feel like Christmas caroling today in Westchester?
Ready for the next round of elections?
Councilman Bonin calls on Planning Department to systematically update Community Plans
A list of fun places to see amazing Christmas lights
The best places to see Santa
Fun photos capturing Christmas SoCal-style here and here.

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P.S. Think the holidays are a bad time to buy or sell real estate? Absolutely not! Click the 5 reasons link below for a guest post from our blog. Click the open house link to see which 15 properties are open today in Westchester for your holiday consideration.

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