Westside homeowners go green

The sixth annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, a local Earth Day tradition that offers Westsiders a glimpse of just how many homeowners have made water conservation and energy efficiency staples of everyday life, takes place on Saturday, April 26th.

This year’s self-guided tour also features six public school learning gardens, is a streamlined version compared to last year’s schedule of 98 homes.

In keeping with the sustainability theme, destination homes are divided into walkable clusters. This year’s showcase also features a bike valet at the Venice High School Learning Garden.

Organizers said they chose to emphasize some of the best and newest examples of popular conservationist themes, including techniques to collect rainwater and prevent storm water runoff as well as solar panels and eco-conscious landscaping.

“Particularly with the drought, the tour focuses on things that can really conserve water, like eliminating grass from your yard,” said event co-chair Christy Wilhelmi. “We tried to include some new gardens as well as some well-established gardens. We really wanted to cover all the bases … [and] keep the same diversity that there’s been in the past.”

For a detailed article on the event, head over to argonautnews.com.

For an event preview and event details, visit the event’s website at www.marvistagreengardenshowcase.com.

See you there??

Venice’s G2 Gallery to showcase 3-day environmental film series in the fall

During its five-year history, G2 Gallery in Venice has attracted patrons and renowned artists alike in its mission to showcase leaders in the various aspects of environmental stewardship and advocacy, primarily through visual art such as paintings and photography.

Soon the gallery will be branching into another realm of the visual arts world with an artistic vehicle that will focus on different areas of environmental protection.

The gallery, which will host its first G2 Gallery Green Earth Film Festival in the fall, is in the process of inviting documentarians and filmmakers who have a passion for environmental protection and sustainability to submit their entries.

G2Gallery is located at 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice.

For more on the event, head over to argonautnews.com.

2012 Green Car Guide – AAA’s Top Scoring Vehicles for 2012

The Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center (ARC) compiles an annual Green Car Guide including evaluations of most of the “Green” models (hybrids, electric vehicles, alternative-fueled vehicles, PZEVs, and conventional vehicles with class-leading fuel efficiency) available at the time of publication.

For the 2012 edition of the Green Car Guide, 62 vehicles were tested. Specific tests were conducted using procedures from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), US Environmental Protection agency (EPA), and from the ARC itself.

For the results, motor on over to www.calif.aaa.com. Spoiler alert – not a very impressive showing for the Prius. Note to self: must check out the Lexus dealer. 😀

Exploring the Metro Green Line: From Nowhere to Nowhere and All Points in Between

green line

On July 26, 2013 the Metro Gold Line celebrated its tenth birthday, an occasion that did not go unreported by much of the local media, who in some cases described the line as the Metro’s “most lovable light rail line” as well as its “most picturesque.” August 12 is the 18th birthday of the Metro Green Line, an event that I suspect will likely receive comparatively muted fanfare. The Green Line, when mentioned at all, is most often disparaged as “the train from nowhere to nowhere.”

The Green Line was, until recently, the only Metro rail line of which I had not ridden the entire length. When I mentioned my intention to write about it most friends told me that they’d never been on it, and several even asked where it was. For those who are familiar with the Green Line, they likely know it as the rail that doesn’t quite reach either the ocean or LAX. If they think about it further, they might realize that it’s also the only Metro rail line that doesn’t connect to Downtown Los Angeles.

It might come as a surprise then that according to Metro’s most recent figures, more people ride the Green Line than the Gold. It’s also the fastest of the light rail lines, due to its not intersecting with any streets. Finally, although it doesn’t connect to anything that most would consider to be major tourist traps, it does carry commuters not just between home and work, but also to shopping and dining destinations, as well as lesser-known attractions.

To “ride” along with KCET reporter Eric Brightwell as he hits the Green Line, head over to www.kcet.org.

The Conyers Family Gets Their Green On

I couldn’t resist sharing my husband and daughter participating in a beach clean up for Earth Day last Spring.

Around the country, Parsons Brinckerhoff employees, friends and family planted trees, cleaned trash and restored beaches.

Here in LA, volunteers teamed up with The SEA Lab in Redondo Beach for beach clean up, composting education and a bag exchange.

For the full story, head over to bulletin.pbworld.com.