Summer Family Concerts in Los Angeles

LA has one of the best music scenes in the country, and some of the best weather in the world. That means that in the summer you can spend warm nights under the stars experiencing an assortment of music from Latin jazz to world beat soul. With concerts that cater to kids or rock the whole family, in spots from the Valley to the beaches to the Bowl, here’s every place in town where you can catch an outdoor concert with your .

Summer Family Concerts Near Westchester CA

LA has a full line up of Summer concerts for kids all across the City. Here is what’s up for our area:

LAX Northside Plan Wins Approval

photo source: Wikipedia
photo source: Wikipedia

Much needed open space & recreation facilities or placeholder for future expansion?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Councilmember Mike Bonin, airport officials, and community representatives on June 14, celebrated City Council approval of the LAX Northside Plan Update, a comprehensive planning blueprint for 340 acres of vacant property located between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the Los Angeles communities of Westchester and Playa del Rey.

Big news yesterday for ‘s neighbor to the South. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilman Mike Bonin, LAX officials and community representatives celebrated City Council approval of the LAX Northside Plan Update, a comprehensive planning blueprint for 340 acres of vacant property located between LAX and Westchester/Playa del Rey.

But is passage of the plan really cause for celebration?

Bonin was quoted as saying, “Westchester and Playa del Rey deserve a vibrant, thriving community and the Northside Plan will offer neighbors open space and recreation facilities to play in, and retail space to dine and shop in, and a campus-like office space to work in.”

Sounds good to me.

Critics on the other hand, are quick to point out that open spaces and recreation facilities are easy to pave over, if LAX starts thinking again about expanding to the north into our community. They point out that the original plan called for high rise office buildings, which might present more of an obstacle to expansion.

Cue the music screeching to a halt.

Will we be so busy in Westchester CA enjoying our “gift” that we don’t even notice when the City starts talking again about northward expansion? Hard to tell. With luck, we’ll end up with the real “Runway” rather than Playa Vista. For that, we can only stay tuned.

Got an opinion about the Expansion Plan? Let’s have a conversation! Leave a comment below.

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5 Real Estate Trends to Know Before Selling Your Los Angeles Home

With housing prices in the Los Angeles metro area hitting historic highs, now might be time to make a move and sell your home. But in order to sell quickly and for the best price, take a minute to learn about what’s going on in the market so you’ll have a firm grasp of what needs to be done.

What you need to know:

  • If a property is priced well, there will be multiple offers
  • Turnkey properties are hot sellers
  • New construction is king
  • Look east and south from the beach communities for the new destination neighborhoods
  • Community is big, making condos and other densely-packed neighborhoods popular
  • Access to Metro rail lines and walkability are big sellers
  • Big ticket homes ($5M+) will be slow until the Presidential election when we know more about the direction of the economy
Contact Westchester CA real estate expert Tracy Thrower Conyers with questions about how the current environment might impact your real estate decisions.