Are You Following SB 1120, The Backyard Killer? It’s About To Become Law

Are you following SB 1120? It originally passed out of the State Senate and then started making its way through the Assembly. Last week it passed out of its last Assembly Committee (thankfully, SB 902 died in that committee) and it’s headed for a vote on the floor. With only 9 days left in this session, the vote will happen imminently.

Last Saturday, our neighbors in South LA held a very passionate town hall about this family wealth killing bill. It’s worth 90 minutes of your time to watch the whole video, but absolutely do not miss John Gonzalez’s presentation at the 4:35 minute mark where he explains the bill and shows very dramatic photos of what the result will look like.

Watch the video and email our Assemblywoman, Autumn Burke, to ask her to oppose the bill. Many of our legislators are uninformed about the details of a series of horrible bills that came out of the uber horrible SB 50 we managed to kill last year, and drinking the kool-aid that these bills will help our affordable housing crisis.

This bill will not help our affordable housing crisis. It is solely for luxury units that nobody wants, like the apartments at La Tijera and Sepulveda Eastway that killed our neighbors’ values on Kittyhawk and now they are advertising 8 free weeks of rent.

Don’t kid yourself that it’s about COVID. I sell real estate. People are moving right now. Nobody wants those units.

Email Autumn Burke at and/or call her at (310) 412-6400.

This is mission critical unless you happen to like what happened on Kittyhawk. Drive by. It’s WORSE than the photos show.

Click below for the town hall video, conveniently set to start at John’s presentation. 😎

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