Living 90045 Wants You To Write For Us!

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Do you love living in Westchester? So do we!!

We created this website specifically for busy Westchester families. We figure if we’re reading and digesting all the news, maybe we can save somebody else some time!

Each week, we follow and read over 100 sources of news that you would too, if you had the time. Then we handpick stories and news that we think Westchester families want to know about and share through our website and other social platforms.

There is a lot going on, though, and we can’t cover everything that we think families in 90045 want to read about.

We are actively recruiting columnists and guest posters.  We are looking for contributors with an eye for or expertise on topics of interest to Westchester families. We offer: (1) a platform to get your story out and/or promote your passion, project, business or organization; (2) our guidance and expertise on writing for web audiences; (3) search engine optimization for your content; (4) paid facebook ads to promote your content.

If you have a story or expertise on any of the following topics, we want to hear from you!

  • Mom Stuff
  • Food – restaurants
  • Food at home (kids & nutrition)
  • Kid Activities & Sports
  • Fitness Trends & Events
  • Charitable Organizations & Events
  • Animal friends
  • Living Green
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Interior Design
  • Organization & Lifehacks
  • Healthy Living
  • Westchester’s 75th birthday and related festivities
  • Westchester Politics & Civic Happenings

We are not looking for content that blatantly promotes your business or special project, but we allow promotion in the author bio box. See an example of the bio box at the bottom of this post and this post. So strut your 90045 lifestyle expertise in the article and promote yourself in the bio box!

Come love Westchester with us by submitting your article interest and ideas to tracy @ living90045<dot>com.

We’re also looking for contributions to our Instagram account. Take it over for a week for just send us a picture! Instagram @ living90045<dot>com.

What is your 90045 story??

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westchester near LA, 90045, Westchester CA

Living 90045 is a community-focused blog launched in 2008. Living 90045 founder Tracy Thrower Conyers was an early adopter of new media, including blogging and social media. Tracy and the L9 Team love connecting with our community and find new media to be an exciting way to facilitate connections and conversation. Leave us a comment on the blog and let’s keep the conversation rolling! ❤

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