Last Chance To Request Your Neighborhood Council Ballot

It’s such a bummer that the City of LA is making it so very hard to get a ballot for this year’s Neighborhood Council election.

Especially in a year when so many of our local issues are so hotly contested.

When I (a pretty darned sophisticated techie) had an extremely difficult time requesting my ballot through the online portal, I vowed to help as many neighbors as possible get their ballots.

I’ve been posting on social media regularly. Heck, I even dusted off my outside clothes and sat with a friend in Kentwood to help neighbors in person.

Now, we’re at the end of the road on ballot requests.

Today is your last chance and 5 pm is your cut off. 😳

Here is the easiest way I’ve found to get a ballot:

  • Download this application
  • Print everything super, duper clearly – there is no time left for clarifications later
  • You should indicate “Westchester/Playa” as the election you wish to vote in
  • Mark yourself as a “resident” only, even if you own property (trust me on this – you don’t get any special status as a property owner and they will require additional documentation to prove your ownership)
  • Sign the document and date it
  • Take a photo of your drivers license if it has your Westchester/Playa address on it, or something else with your address + your photo ID
  • Email the application and proof of residency or employment to (make sure to include the “dot” after clerk)

Make sure you complete all of this well ahead of the 5 pm rush. 😁

Want to know who we’re voting for at my house? Message me privately.

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