Sell Your Westchester CA Home Faster & For More Money

Sell your Westchester CA home faster and for more money using a few simple staging solutions

Staging Your 90045 Home For Sale
Home Staging – Before & After

If you want to sell your Westchester CA home faster and/or for more money, staging your property effectively brings results. This means presenting your home in the best and most appealing light to the most home buyers.

Staging your home for sale does not have to be difficult or costly. The hardest part is adopting a critical and impartial eye. You might have thought that lime green accent wall was a great stamp of style when you added it, but lime green is unlikely to appeal to most buyers. Yes, they can paint the wall, but to get the best and highest price for your property, you want lots of buyers effortlessly falling in love with your property.

To get ideas for what Westchester CA real estate buyers want in a home, spend a couple of Sundays on the local open house trail. I guarantee you’ll see a number of homes professionally staged, and you’ll start to see trends. For instance, warm beige walls with white trim are very popular right now. Grab yourself one of my Westchester self-guided open house tours published every Sunday (available for all Silicon Beach and Silicon Beach-adjacent communities), or drop me a note and I’ll prepare a custom report for you.

For additional suggestions on home staging, contact me and/or take a peek at Put Your Best Features Forward: Simple Staging Solutions.

Wondering what your Westchester CA property would fetch in today’s crazy market?

Wondering what your Westchester CA property would fetch in today’s crazy market? You might be surprised. Fill out a short form and I’ll send you a detailed, no obligation market report tailored for your own property. Your property doesn’t have to be located in Westchester CA to take advantage of my offer.

What is your own best staging idea? Drop a note below in the comments.

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