Westchester Weekly for Friday, July 18

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Happy Friday!

This week we wish a happy 110th birthday to our neighbors to the west, Playa del Rey!

I don’t admit this to most people, but it took me almost 12 years of living in Westchester to discover how close we are to PdR and the beach. I trek almost weekly to Palisades Park in North Santa Monica to run at the beach, but I never ventured directly west a couple of miles to enjoy “our” beach. Two miles. Kind of explains our property values, yes?

And speaking of Playa del Rey, the next time you need to go to the post office to send a package, go to the little station on Culver. I’ve never waited more than a quick minute at that location and Tom really knows his PO stuff. Bonus! It might have been some goofy smile I was wearing that day, but the last time I visited, at least three perfect strangers said hello.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a couple of other pictures related to PdR’s birthday celebration.

Have a great weekend!
Tracy & The Living90045 Team


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