Westchester Weekly for September 1st

Westchester Weekly – Here’s your weekly recap of what’s new and notable in Westchester 90045, including fun things to check out this weekend


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Happy Labor Day Weekend Westchester!It’s going to be a hot one, too! Want to beat the heat with your kids? Check out my post below under Westchester Kids & Family for 10 Ways To Beat The Heat With Your Kids.Speaking of hot weather, how about checking in on an elderly neighbor and bringing a cold treat? We have many elderly residents in Westchester and a lot of houses without air conditioning. Maybe pick up some frozen yogurt? These are the places that made the top of the list in the Hometown News’ most recent readers’ poll.

Below you’ll find links to lots of Westchester goodness. Enjoy! Drop me a note or stop by our facebook page at facebook.com/Living90045 to let me know what you think of the newsletter and how it might be changed to be even more useful for you and your family.

Have a great (short) week!
Tracy & The Living90045 Team


Fun things to do this weekend


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